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I use my Amazon rewards VISA card everywhere except when I'm buying gas.It would be nice if Apple Pay could default to AMEX when it sees I'm at a gas station or if I could set it as the preferred card at a certain GPS location.
No.  Apple under Jony Ive is clearly going in the opposite direction, away from skeuomorphic 3D UIs.
 BumpTop released a beta for Mac OS X in January of 2010 and was actively trying to be acquired.I'm sure the folks at BumpTop were trying to play Apple off Google to get the biggest payday.Ultimately, Google acquired them and Apple opted to try to patent some similar concepts. The fact is Android is a giant turd but that doesn't mean every post critical of Apple is from an Android apologist.
I hate to say it but this patent was merely a knee-jerk response to Google's 2010 acquisition of BumpTop. http://mashable.com/2010/05/02/google-bumptop/
There are three things Apple is strong in that lends itself to a social network. 1. Music 2. Photos 3. iMessages Ping failed with iTunes. The problem there was that iTunes was mostly about listening to music that you had purchased and was often done off-line. Beats streaming service necessitates that you are connected to the internet and is focused on music discovery. Apple makes the most popular camera in the world. They are moving to a cloud-based photo storage system...
When you swipe your iPhone6 at a payment terminal a dialog window will appear asking you to authenticate with Touch ID.
   Apple's solution adds two layers of security1) Tokenization - eliminates risk of authorizations being reused.2) Touch ID - reduces the chances of someone other than you initiating the transaction.
There are very nice looking square watches... The bulbous body shown in those leaked images does not look very good. I hope Apple will offer something that looks like a traditional high-end watch.
Marc is Creative Director for Quantas Airlines and has similar consulting positions with numerous companies. He is not joining Apple full-time, will not be based in Cupertino and is older than Ive. Jony isn't going anywhere.
Too much work. Normal people don't want to have to keep moving money around to make sure that the next transaction will go through.Apple likes simple, "it just works".
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