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I bought my first iPod in 2002 for $399. Had I bought AAPL stock instead I'd have $50,000.
Have you even played Candy Crush bro?
Birthday gift Christmas gift Hanukkah gift Kwanza gift Graduation present   just wait.
1999 - Digital camera revolution starts 2007 - iPhone launched 2010 - digital camera sales peak 2014 - 40,000 digital cameras sold(almost back to pre digital sales volume) 2015 - Apple sold 192,000,000 iPhones in the past year.   iPhone sales = 4800X traditional digital camera market   DSLRs are not a niche, cameras that are only cameras are a niche.
Or how about "$88K electric car boasts Lamborghini-like results"?A few years ago that headline would have been mocked as nonsense.
But if they were honest...that's exactly what they would say...with a Swiss accent.
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