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 This aspect of the patent sounds a lot like the Primesense technology Apple acquired.I could envision the iPhone projecting an invisible structured light pattern that could be used to interact with the phone without touching the screen.
Meanwhile the FTC and DOJ have requested that Amazon suggest ways that the agencies can better assist the Internet retailer in bolstering its dominance of internet commerce. Representatives for Amazon declined to comment but did a stereotypical evil villain laugh according to sources close to the matter.
They are perfect and anyone who questions anything they do is a stupid head.Their motto is "do no evil"...so there! They can't be evil!
The universe is a giant quantum computer.The answer is 42.
A prostitute.
 If this is affecting several dozen flights then it is probably not a localized issue specific to the iPad or it's third party software.I would suspect a server outage or data corruption as the culprit.
Yes it is very easy to fulfill demand when there isn't any(ask Samsung).
I think Apple is going to sell a metric buttload of these.
Warehouses full of unwanted/unsold merchandise is a bad launch(ask Samsung).A new $2Billion business is not too shabby.
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