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Fault tolerance, redundancy.
Slowly raises pinky to corner of mouth.
They will come out with a simplified/more affordable Apple Band within two years. The Apple Band will have no screen and batterylife measured in weeks. If you can't afford an Apple Watch, you can get many of the benefits for only $99.If you have an Apple Watch, you can get an Apple Band and continuously capture sleep data while you charge your Apple Watch.Did I mention they are working on a Bluetooth headset that will also capture health data from your ear.
Apple is working on a new album.app format. You can still buy individual tracks. If you buy the whole album you get the individual tracks + the album.app
So it's going to be a buddy comedy?
$6.99 /month also gives you access to MS Office 365 as well. I prefer iWork but it is nice to have access to Office for those rare compatibility issues.
Designed by Woz in California.Hand made by Woz in a little sweatshop in Cupertino.
David Hasselhoff + Watch + Tesla Good call.  I forgot he did that.  That would make a great advertisement.
Apple's solution could be designed to comply with local laws automatically based on your GPS position.
You mean CarKitt SDK.
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