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Have you even played Candy Crush bro?
Birthday gift Christmas gift Hanukkah gift Kwanza gift Graduation present   just wait.
1999 - Digital camera revolution starts 2007 - iPhone launched 2010 - digital camera sales peak 2014 - 40,000 digital cameras sold(almost back to pre digital sales volume) 2015 - Apple sold 192,000,000 iPhones in the past year.   iPhone sales = 4800X traditional digital camera market   DSLRs are not a niche, cameras that are only cameras are a niche.
Or how about "$88K electric car boasts Lamborghini-like results"?A few years ago that headline would have been mocked as nonsense.
But if they were honest...that's exactly what they would say...with a Swiss accent.
   As of 2014 Apple had 75,000 Cassandra nodes across multiple clusters. 
 It is possible that the AppleWatch+Siri could displace the Google homepage as the primary means of search for many people in the not to distant future.   Apple is in lots of BIG DATA areas.HealthMapsAppStoreiTunes StoreiBooks StoreiCloud DriveiCloud Photo LibraryRetailAppleCareSupply Chain Managementand the list goes on and on... It will not get attention like the Beats acquisition did but I have a feeling this is going to be one of the most significant acquisitions they...
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