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I feel bad for this girl, especially if she was fat or unpopular to start with. Now she will be known as the fat girl who broke her iPhone by sitting on it. And if that wasn't enough then she was rolling around on the ground with smoke billowing out of her ass.   Just try living that down! Better call Saul…pain and suffering and ongoing emotional distress.
I hope it comes out soon. I could really use it. I think the demand is going to be huge. And since it will only be compatible with iOS devices we will see many people switch just for that.
I saw Mike Matas' name on one of the screens in the video. So this is what the Push Pop Press team has likely been working on since they were acqhired.
Keep the cash...buy Nintendo & GoPro.
Bump wasn't bad tech but unless everyone uses it then you can't rely on it. Google may be looking to bake it into Android so that all Android phones can easily exchange data. Apple already has AirDrop but it lacks the intuitive charm that bumping does.
I would like the ability to manage my "bookmarks/favorites" using Map.app on my Mac and have those bookmarks/favorites/pins be available on my iPhone via iCloud.
I remember talking to the owner of the company I worked for back in 1997 and discussing the news that Apple had acquired NeXT and Steve Jobs. I suggested that now would be a good time to invest in Apple. He poo-pooed the idea and said "I'll stick with my Xerox stock". I wasn't able to buy Apple stock till the early 2000's and even then it was only a few hundred dollars. But that molehill became a mountain and I was able to use it as a down payment for my first...
Tony is a great guy and didn't deserve to get booted from Apple the way he did. Although history is clearly on Scott Forestall's side as far as the decision of what OS to use for the iPhone. Tony wanted the iPod OS and Scott wanted a slimmed down Mac OS. Although Scott was right, he didn't play well with others. Congratuations to Tony on scoring the Mac Pro, well deserved and for a good cause
Also being able to create your own wallpaper with parallax for your iPhone and iPad will be a novelty.
I think the parallax effect capable with a light field camera is a natural fit for the iPhone. Being able to control the 3D view using the gyroscopes in iPhones and iPads would be magical. Apple loves magical.
New Posts  All Forums: