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Am I reading this right? "iCloud piece of shit"? or "iCloud eat shit"?
I would love to see him put in charge of Apple's support website and forums. If he is a good public speaker, I would love to see him as the go-to-guy for explaining technical details at keynotes. Anand is a great writer and communicator and could improve Apple's written communications in press releases, tech support docs and even patent filings.
They didn't put in a pop-out lightning connector because they already make this:Also available in micro-USB.
This is why you want to use an Apple charger and not some third party knock-off.Also 95% of iPhone owners probably have one already.
Clever design. very tempting.
Rather than studying that asteroid they should catch it in earth's orbit and mine it for resources. There will unfortunately not be any significant spending on space until we have an enemy/war there.
Still holding out hope this comes through. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mu-thermal-camera-a-great-tool-to-save-on-energy-costs
I wish my phone looked like a giant band-aid. "Dude what happened to your head?" "Oh, its just your phone."
No one will call it that. It will forever be known as the Mothership.
Apple is laying the groundwork for their future alternative to credit cards. 23% of Americans don't have credit cards. The other 77% have credit cards that are prone to theft and fraud. Rather than swiping a credit card you will be able to swipe your iWatch and the transaction will be processed by Apple securely. More convenient, more secure.
New Posts  All Forums: