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 18 years is a long time at one company.  During that time Apple went from the brink of ruin to the most powerful company on earth.  Not to bad of a legacy. Too many people work to long and hard, destroying their health and their family in the process.Peter is retiring at around 52 years of age with a fortune of around $200 million.  Not too shabby!  He has worked hard and will now get to enjoy the rewards while he still has his health and his family.
I'm sure they will have a great construction video to show off at the grand opening. The video will have some time-lapse photography of the construction site.
Big plans: Bigger iPhone Bigger iPad AppleTV with Apps Wearable + iBeacons = Payments Wearable + new sensors = Healthbook platform
They should have designed a smaller version of the Cupertino mothership that could have been built in Austin and in Ireland and anywhere else they have corporate offices.
I feel bad for this girl, especially if she was fat or unpopular to start with. Now she will be known as the fat girl who broke her iPhone by sitting on it. And if that wasn't enough then she was rolling around on the ground with smoke billowing out of her ass.   Just try living that down! Better call Saul…pain and suffering and ongoing emotional distress.
I hope it comes out soon. I could really use it. I think the demand is going to be huge. And since it will only be compatible with iOS devices we will see many people switch just for that.
I saw Mike Matas' name on one of the screens in the video. So this is what the Push Pop Press team has likely been working on since they were acqhired.
Keep the cash...buy Nintendo & GoPro.
Bump wasn't bad tech but unless everyone uses it then you can't rely on it. Google may be looking to bake it into Android so that all Android phones can easily exchange data. Apple already has AirDrop but it lacks the intuitive charm that bumping does.
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