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This deal is an aqui-hire, but not of just Iovine and Dre. This deal is about aquiring their marketing and product teams. Beats isn't two guys in a garage.
I think a Pro keyboard that is built around iPad technology could be the answer. I personally don't like the idea of lots of little OLED screens in separate keys.   I'd rather see a keyboard based on iPad hardware + pressure sensitive display. This way you could rest your fingers on the keys and use  haptic feedback to simulate key presses. This also gives lots of flexibility with custom keyboard layouts as well as non-traditional inputs such as sliders, knobs and...
I hope we see Apple switch the MacBook Air and the Mac mini to ARM A7 CPUs. I also hope we see Apple tap Intel to manufacture these ARM CPUs. This would hopefully allow Apple to 1) lower the price of their consumer Macs 2) pave the way to eliminating Samsung as a CPU supplier 3) bring more manufacturing back to the USA.
What about Tim Cook?
I wish Apple would put more effort into making their Airport base stations more affordable/practical.
Skyhook drove cars around the country equipped with WiFi and GPS.When the vehicle would drive by a WiFi hotspot, it would record the unique ID of the base station and the vehicle's current GPS coordinates.This allowed a device with WiFi but no GPS(first iPhone) to determine it's approximate location by looking up the base station's unique ID in Skyhook's database.  Skyhook would send back the GPS coordinates if the base station was in it's database. Apple/WiFi-Slam has...
 While technically speaking more Android tablets are being sold every year, it is not an apples-to-apples comparison.A very high percentage of these Android tablets are used solely for watching video and playing free games.They don't buy apps or even make purchases in free apps. The other thing obscuring the real picture is the android based TV-dongles such as the Chromecast also count as tablets.These are also used almost exclusively for watching video and playing free...
You can use your iPhone to do voice search with the AppleTV today. The disadvantage is that there isn't a dedicated button to search across services. You would have to search iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. separately. When the keyboard input appears on your AppleTV, you can dictate your search query.   They also probably got the idea thanks to that idiot Walter Isaacson.
I think a desktop computer that looks like an iMac but runs iOS and has a 15-17" screen would be more likely. The main difference would be that it comes with a keyboard and no mouse and the stand allows the screen to fold down almost flat.85-90% of the worlds desktops run Windows and many are looking for an alternative.
You are probably correct in thinking that Mac OS X will not run on ARM CPUs anytime SOON.However I don't think it is outside the realm of possibility for Apple to introduce a desktop computer that only runs iOS (not a Mac).I think this forward looking design shows that Apple is thinking about the future. We could also see ARM CPUs in a next gen server design and definitely if AppleTV is going to be the powerful gaming console we all want.
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