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One person hires several people to each buy 5 iPhones per person.Then the next day the same group of people are back buying 5 iPhones per person.They usually go to several stores per day as well.
I believe she meant staggered releases.   Spring 2014 = iPhone 5CS Fall 2014 = iPhone 6 Spring 2015 = iPhone 6C Fall 2015 = iPhone 6S Spring 2016 = iPhone 6CS Fall 2016 = iPhone 7 Spring 2017 = iPhone 7C Fall 2017 = iPhone 7S Spring 2018 = iPhone 7CS
So this was a study done in 2013 of tablets sold in 2012.
Where did you get a free turd? Can I get one?
The sentence makes sense. The news is surprising because Intel is doing a 180 in strategy. They were trying to relinquish ARM's stranglehold. That strategy failed. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
This could address the yield issues TSMC is having. I like the idea of starting with making the SOC for the AppleTV. Maybe we could see the AppleTV made in the USA. I would also love to see Apple make a server that used ARM chips. They could beta test it in their own server farm and then promote the energy savings.
Because Steve always cared so much more about performance at the expense of battery-life and aesthetics.
Because not every Pro works with graphics.The irony is most of the complaints from the "pros" is because they can't play games.
I once met someone with twelve toes.
It is such a shame they will never be able to fix any of these major issues.
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