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I would love to have been a fly on the wall when it was announced to the employees that they had been acquired by Apple. I'm sure they had some die-hard Android fans in their ranks.
Steve Job's widow Lauren Powell Jobs is the largest shareholder of Disney, who owns Muppet Studios, who owns The Swedish Chef.
If they were acquired in February, we may be seeing their tech in iOS7 this fall.
Apple doesn't care if you switch from Windows to Mac or from Windows to iOS. Either way, Microsoft is losing users and Apple is gaining. I think Mavericks and iOS 7 is going to do a lot to further distinguish Apple's dual-platform strategy vs. Microsoft's "no compromises" one platform strategy.
  Unfortunately, Apple's high-priced, ivy-league lawyers don't understand how their own products work.
...bringing to an end a 13-year reign of terror over the software giant.
Yes.  This was the first time Steve saw and played with a demo of what would become Photo Booth. That is Mike Matas in the background. Photo Booth was first introduced in 10.4 but these images are not from the Keynote. That I've never seen.
  Tim Cook is a health nut! He starts his day at 5am with a vigorous workout.  He is also an avid cyclist and friends with Lance Armstrong and on the board of directors of Nike.  He does have one curious dietary habit.  He eats a lot of protein/energy bars throughout the day.
Apple called it "gold". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod_Mini
Steve would never do...  
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