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"Apple has advised it's Aperture users to transition to Adobe's Lightroom"Serious photographers(the 1%) were already using Aperture or Lightroom.
Flyover™ + Drivethru™ = new Apple Maps
I found the perfect seating for the Apple Store... "Please sit here while you wait for your Genius bar appointment."
 It is also important to keep in mind that you don't wear an iPod or iPhone.People will want to try on the Watch and try different band combinations before purchasing.
They should open Beats Studio stores that have lots of comfy couches, headphones and Starbucks coffee for sale. Make it a place to hang out and try all the beats hardware. The stores should all be next to or across from an existing Apple store. These stores should also have private rooms where you can experience the Apple watch and try different strap combinations.
I picture something like this: This would be perfect for the "War Room" in the new mothership campus.
 What I find interesting about this graph is the upticks in Android to iPhone switchers in June of 2013 and 2014.This is typically the quarter in which last years iPhones begin to be discounted in anticipation of the new models released in September.It makes sense that price-sensitive consumers would wait until they can switch at a discounted price.This summer we should see another major uptick in iPhone adoption as the iPhone 6 begins to be discounted.
These are not the patents you're looking for.
 Tim, please tell him to shut it!
Apple is bringing it's expertise in retail to the beats brand. In a few years I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't "Beats Studio Stores" that sell an expanded line of fashion/technology/life-style products.
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