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Followup DED article: Should the TSA ban all Android devices like small liquid containers because of their use with Al Queda?
Water is shown to aid Al-Queda terrorists because it quenches their thirst.
The equivalent of this article is: Paper is proven to aid Al-Queda terrorist because it's easier to plan & write on paper than a rock.
Google Voice still does this.  Not seeing anything in this patent that appears any different than what Google Voice *already* does.
Apple. Why is Siri so slow?
If this helps make Siri faster, then I'll actually start using the thing!   Apple should really be working hard in making Siri a WHOLE lot faster.  Like Google or not, their Now service responds *instantly*, Apple should be reaching for that level of interaction.  Without it, Siri is useless for me.  I can't wait all day for it to respond.   Apple please make Siri faster!
Still waiting to hear a logical reason on hear that answers this question: Why was this app pulled and the Flickr app wasn't? They do almost the exact same things and what I've seen, Flickr is far far far far worse. Why hasn't Apple pulled the Flickr all? What's the difference? Seriously.
UnmmUmmm WTF???First off I DON'T live in SC. second, why the heck does this matter? This is just further EVIDENCE that maps is not up to snuff.Quit insulting (or attempt to insult) people. It does NOTHING to the debate or conversation and just makes you look like a DOUCHE.w00master
For those who say that the issue with maps is overblown. I have to ask. How do you use Maps? Honestly, if you are just entering in actual addresses. Yes, Apple Maps works absolutely fine. HOWEVER, do a search on a name? Forget about it. There is a reason why this is a top download. I'm betting it will be a top download for a while. W00master
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