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  And that's great for you.  For me, Spotlfy works great for me.  So like I asked someone else on this board, how does my liking (and others) Spotify affect you?   From my point of view, it doesn't.  So why the animosity?   w00master
  Ok... what's up with the animosity?  Seriously.  Maybe it's because I'm reading this message over the internets (TM), so perhaps I'm misreading the tone.  If I am apologies, but based on your other posts and seeing other posters comment.... I have to assume animosity.   What gives?   I like Spotify.  I like it a lot.  Why does this have to bother YOU?  How does this affect YOU?     In answer to what you posted, previews are *not* the same as what Spotify does.  Spotify...
That's one way of looking at things.  Another way is that Spotify is actually great of consumers and musicians.  How?  Many consumers want to discover new music.  Many musicians want their music discovered.  Spotify offers an easy way of doing this without having to necessarily buy every song.  It's wonderful of discovery, and guess what?  It's legal.   Why is that some on here simply cannot accept that many love Spotify (and similar) services.  These same folks have been...
Just like windows.
All of these are "nice," but imho they need to fix notifications FIRST. w00master
How is Bungie crying? Seriously? They're doing QUITE well. They're now a part of Activision (that's another topic of it's own), and they're developing a NEW IP. Also, a LOT of you seem to have selective memory. The BIG thing about Halo was that it was not the FPS that everyone knows of today UNTIL Bungie began developing on the XBox. At the time, it was primarily being seen as a third person shooter. Before that? Halo was a real-time strategy. All of the success...
Finally... doesn't this so-called "user error" thing go against what Apple says? "The device should work for you not the other way around." So... buying a bumper or holding it differently... the device is working for the user? How? Riiight. w00master
What you say is partially true, but at the same time the problem has been exasperated by Jobs himself. That's NOT Gizmodo's fault. Saying to everyone that it's YOUR FAULT is *NOT* the right response. This is what Apple is getting burned for now. Just go to CNN.com and take a look at their homepage. Who's fault is that? Maybe it was started by Gizmodo, but imho... this problem is now all Apple. w00master
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