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Finally... doesn't this so-called "user error" thing go against what Apple says? "The device should work for you not the other way around." So... buying a bumper or holding it differently... the device is working for the user? How? Riiight. w00master
What you say is partially true, but at the same time the problem has been exasperated by Jobs himself. That's NOT Gizmodo's fault. Saying to everyone that it's YOUR FAULT is *NOT* the right response. This is what Apple is getting burned for now. Just go to CNN.com and take a look at their homepage. Who's fault is that? Maybe it was started by Gizmodo, but imho... this problem is now all Apple. w00master
So, Jobs' response that "IT'S YOUR FAULT" good then?Riiiight.By the way, go to CNN.com's homepage...Is that Gizmodo's fault?w00master
Ok... perhaps this is true... but again, my response is that telling a customer/user that: "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG." isn't exactly putting Apple in the best light either. Again, it's happening to me. Not a big deal for me, but it is hugely annoying and nearly *everyone* I've run into has THE EXACT SAME problem. Now, before you respond to my post... I ask you (and others again) is "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG" gizmodo's fault? Or Apple's? If you say Gizmodo... then it might...
Here's the problem that I think most of you folks don't understand: Maybe it is a design flaw. Maybe it isn't. (Altho, it does happen to me) However, when the CEO company answers with: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Not exactly the best response. w00master
Yes. Yes it is. w00master
I'm waiting for a retraction from AppleInsider: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2010/02...ing_html5.html Most of this article, "Adobe working to sabotage HTML5," are by and large completely false. w00master
That's one chip in many. Sorry, but this "excuse" of GSM, is that... and excuse. That's like saying that after Pentium 1, there's nothing after that. It's an evolution. If Apple really wants to double their hardware sales long term, they will eventually HAVE to look at a carrier outside of AT&T. Eventually, Apple will run out of "new subscribers" and/or switchers. Regardless, the crux of my issue really has nothing to do with VZW or AT&T. My issue is why there are so...
I can promise you that Verizon Wireless (note my use of WIRELESS) is not hurting at all. Their #s are quite good, and yes the Droid is helping them (yes... I know you all here hate the droid, but it is helping VZW very well). By the way, who cares that VZW rejected Apple first? This is business. There's always another day both for Apple and VZW. This happens ALL THE TIME.I'm sorry to tell you that this 4G excuse is a RED HERRING. Why? Backwards compatibility. CDMA LTE...
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