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Not entirely true, the new video tags also support OGG which is what Firefox supports. So yes, Firefox supports the new video tags for HTML5, but does not use H.264 as it's codec. w00master
It's called competition. They're both doing it. It isn't about one party "stooping" to another. Let me ask you, if you were in VZ's shoes... wouldn't you (while you didn't have the iPhone) want to promote YOUR phones against AT&T?If Apple and VZ want the iPhone, then it will happen. All of this stuff that's happenin' in terms of marketing & advertising? That's exactly what that is... marketing and advertising. Quit letting it get to you, it makes you look...
It's amazing that Apple fanboys can create a WHOLE other battle: AT&T vs. VZW. Pathetic. ANYWAY, VZW is an inevitable. Why? At some point, there's some point of diminishing returns in remaining with one carrier. Apple knows this. With that in mind, there's only three carriers that Apple could choose: VZW, Sprint, or T-Mobile. T-Mobile: Yes, they're GSM, but their network is WORSE than AT&T. Sprint: A possibility, but like VZW a CDMA network. However, financially,...
I can't see why Apple wouldn't approve the app - regardless on whether or not there's animosity between the companies. There are plenty of GPS Navigation apps out on the app store, so Google's shouldn't be any different. w00master
Sorry, but in this instance it's about a LACK of choice. Duplication of functionality... really? Give me a break. Calculator apps galore... VOIP apps galore... HOW IS GOOGLE VOICE ANY DIFFERENT? This is *not* good for consumers. Quit apologizing for Apple. w00master
Friends don't let friends constantly getting bounced notes from attempting to send an MMS via email.
Not entirely true. It's been said on this site (I believe) and on others, that the most popular Mac notebook is the white plastic macbook. Whereas on the iPod side, the Nano or possibly the Touch is the most popular iPod. w00master
Wow. Here's a gold star for you Extreme Apple Fanboy. Enjoy. This is simply terrible news for consumers and iPhone fans and iPhone developers. Simply god awful terrible news. w00master
I think many who don't "get subscriptions" perhaps aren't looking at things in the right way. I use rhapsody to EXPLORE music, build new playlists, and then from there (if I really like an album/group/artist(s)) I buy the song/album/whatever. There's a lot music that I may find interest in, but don't necessarily want to buy. This is where (imho) subscriptions work very well for me. Yes, I'm paying a monthly fee, but considering I have over 4 million tracks at my...
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