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From the tone of many on here, it sure sounds like there's a lot of pro-AT&T peeps.Qualcomm (and others) have a chip in development that can do both CDMA and GSM. This question once that chip comes out becomes COMPETELY mute.This GSM issue vs. CDMA issue is at best a red herring. Why? Because of LTE. Even with LTE, phones would STILL ALWAYS HAVE TO BE BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE. So, if you are a CDMA carrier, your phones will ALWAYS have to be CDMA compatible. This issue is...
Ok... Now this is bizarre. Can someone really explain to me why it would be SO BAD for Apple to also go with VZW and other carriers? It's better for the consumer AND it's better for Apple (long-term). Why is this such a hard concept for you pro-AT&T people to grasp? Also, this concept of "pro-AT&T" is truly making my head hurt. Why anyone would "support" AT&T is truly beyond my understanding. w00master
Because, despite the fact that the iPhone has good worldwide sales, the truth of the matter is that the majority of iPhones sold are *still* from the U.S. To take this even further then, why deny the LARGEST CARRIER IN THE US the potential to DOUBLE APPLE'S SALES? I'm just amazed that ANYONE would think adding VZW is a bad idea. If you don't like it, then don't buy it. It's that simple. w00master
Not entirely true, the new video tags also support OGG which is what Firefox supports. So yes, Firefox supports the new video tags for HTML5, but does not use H.264 as it's codec. w00master
It's called competition. They're both doing it. It isn't about one party "stooping" to another. Let me ask you, if you were in VZ's shoes... wouldn't you (while you didn't have the iPhone) want to promote YOUR phones against AT&T?If Apple and VZ want the iPhone, then it will happen. All of this stuff that's happenin' in terms of marketing & advertising? That's exactly what that is... marketing and advertising. Quit letting it get to you, it makes you look...
It's amazing that Apple fanboys can create a WHOLE other battle: AT&T vs. VZW. Pathetic. ANYWAY, VZW is an inevitable. Why? At some point, there's some point of diminishing returns in remaining with one carrier. Apple knows this. With that in mind, there's only three carriers that Apple could choose: VZW, Sprint, or T-Mobile. T-Mobile: Yes, they're GSM, but their network is WORSE than AT&T. Sprint: A possibility, but like VZW a CDMA network. However, financially,...
I can't see why Apple wouldn't approve the app - regardless on whether or not there's animosity between the companies. There are plenty of GPS Navigation apps out on the app store, so Google's shouldn't be any different. w00master
Sorry, but in this instance it's about a LACK of choice. Duplication of functionality... really? Give me a break. Calculator apps galore... VOIP apps galore... HOW IS GOOGLE VOICE ANY DIFFERENT? This is *not* good for consumers. Quit apologizing for Apple. w00master
Friends don't let friends constantly getting bounced notes from attempting to send an MMS via email.
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