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Sorry, but in this instance it's about a LACK of choice. Duplication of functionality... really? Give me a break. Calculator apps galore... VOIP apps galore... HOW IS GOOGLE VOICE ANY DIFFERENT? This is *not* good for consumers. Quit apologizing for Apple. w00master
Friends don't let friends constantly getting bounced notes from attempting to send an MMS via email.
Not entirely true. It's been said on this site (I believe) and on others, that the most popular Mac notebook is the white plastic macbook. Whereas on the iPod side, the Nano or possibly the Touch is the most popular iPod. w00master
Wow. Here's a gold star for you Extreme Apple Fanboy. Enjoy. This is simply terrible news for consumers and iPhone fans and iPhone developers. Simply god awful terrible news. w00master
I think many who don't "get subscriptions" perhaps aren't looking at things in the right way. I use rhapsody to EXPLORE music, build new playlists, and then from there (if I really like an album/group/artist(s)) I buy the song/album/whatever. There's a lot music that I may find interest in, but don't necessarily want to buy. This is where (imho) subscriptions work very well for me. Yes, I'm paying a monthly fee, but considering I have over 4 million tracks at my...
I'm amazed with some of you. Seriously. First of all, (lets go on this long shot assumption) lets say Apple does decide to go with Verizon Wireless. Why do any of you think that they would then abandon GSM? What kind of logic is that? Second, who cares where this so called study comes from? In the end, it's complete LOGIC that Apple will eventually have to expand to other US carriers. If you HONESTLY believe that this is not necessary and only AT&T is fine, then I...
But where will Nintendo be in 5 years as well? Gone? I doubt it.Perhaps not, but you do know that Nintendo now has a download game/app store as well. I'm sure prices will adjust there. Just remember, everytime people underestimate Nintendo, they get get their a** handed to them later on. w00master
Perhaps this is true. However, I still contend that the iPhone/iPod Touch is a wonderful Mobile PHONE gaming platform, but as a pure gaming platform? Not so much.No physical buttons. This is the biggest killer in making it a true gaming platform. As much as I love some of the "action" titles on the iPhone/iPod Touch, they simply do not compare to the DS platform. The ease of use, the fluidity of action games on the DS is far superior due to this simple fact.I do...
Agree 100% on these thoughts. With all of the updates coming for iPhone 3.0, personally I really don't have that much more that I am missing EXCEPT for 2 things (as listed above): a revamped notification system (I like the Android/G1 methodology) and a way to better organize apps on the iPhone. I like the swipe idea, where if you swipe down, you'll see all of your notifications. Love that. Apple, are you listening? LOL w00master
New Posts  All Forums: