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Because tethering for AT&T is another revenue stream, NetShare wasn't created with this in mind. However, the short answer to this is that AT&T and Apple are going to have tethering for the iPhone. AT&T has even SAID that it's coming. It's just a matter of time. Again, I guarantee that the lack of MMS is not b/c of AT&T, but b/c of Apple.
Why hasn't AT&T come out with a minutes tracking app? They could, and as far as I know there's nothing in the SDK that wouldn't allow them to do this. I still hold that this is more Apple than AT&T.
Talking about the US. Also, btw, much of Asian markets (and even European markets) do a TON of MMS.
The problem is that MOST phones do not have email. Also, I'm tired of telling some of my friends and family who happen to have a phone with email to remember not to MMS me, but email me instead. How many times do they remember this? ZERO. w00master
This isn't a joke, it's the truth. Go ahead, check out AT&T's phone lineup. Nearly ALL of them have MMS.
I have no idea, but honestly placing blame on AT&T is the last reason on this. It's more money for AT&T so why wouldn't they want this? Therefore, it HAS to be Apple.
It's Apple. MMS is a revenue stream for AT&T, and nearly EVERY phone on AT&T's lineup has MMS. w00master
I'm sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense. Nearly every AT&T Wireless phone has MMS and has a plan that accounts for MMS. Why wouldn't AT&T want MMS on the iPhone? This makes ZERO sense. Honestly, look at the evidence here. The REAL hold-up is APPLE not AT&T. I hate AT&T just like the next guy, but seriously place blame where blame is deserved. w00master
I understand that Apple has put "Cut and Paste" on a list, but I would like to know how in the hell Google Street View has a higher priority than "cut and paste" or turn by turn directions or even MMS? How?
For Nintendo, this is simply never been true. All of Nintendo's consoles have *never* sold at a loss for the company. It's a clear difference in philosophy over Sony & Microsoft. However, Microsoft for the first time (earlier this year) posted a profit for the XBox 360 division. At this point (based on manufacturing/etc), I highly doubt MS is selling the 360 at a loss.
New Posts  All Forums: