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Because I have owned more than 6 PCs (Macs included) in my lifetime, and I'm sick and tired of running into issues where I forgot to unauthorize my previous computers. Also, people like to stream their iTunes libraries to non Apple products such as a Wii, PS3, and XBox 360. All of them can play AAC, but none of them can play "protected media." This is tremendously annoying as well. These are just a small portion of my utter hatred of DRM. DRM needs to go away.
Orb for iPhone works over 3G. w00master
Apps have much more variation in content? So what? No two songs are alike, no two songs have the same production values or labor time involved in producing it, some songs take years/decades to create. This logic still makes no sense to me. Brick and mortar stores, online stores, etc. have ALL had variable pricing (music, products, videos, groceries, etc. etc.) for YEARS. Consumers have dealt with this FINE. Again, why is it ok for iPhone apps to have variable pricing...
I just want to know why everyone thinks that variable pricing is ok for iPhone apps, but not music? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Get over this $0.99 only thing. It's dead.
This is why you don't understand why iPhone needs MMS. Most of the cellphone users in the US use regular handsets that CAN MMS and SMS, but either cannot do e-mail or their users aren't aware of email. Most of my friends use regular handsets that can MMS & SMS, but either cannot do e-mail or their users aren't aware of email.A LOT of iPhone users (like myself) constantly gets the lame SMS msg to go to the MediaNET website (whatever it is) to view the MMS. Then it...
And your numbers come from... where? Does it factor out Desktop emails, Notebook emails, PDA emails?Beyond smartphone users (which comprise of a very small percentage of the overall U.S. wireless cellular market), how many of your friends TRULY use email on their handsets? i'm betting it's about ZERO.w00master
Because tethering for AT&T is another revenue stream, NetShare wasn't created with this in mind. However, the short answer to this is that AT&T and Apple are going to have tethering for the iPhone. AT&T has even SAID that it's coming. It's just a matter of time. Again, I guarantee that the lack of MMS is not b/c of AT&T, but b/c of Apple.
Why hasn't AT&T come out with a minutes tracking app? They could, and as far as I know there's nothing in the SDK that wouldn't allow them to do this. I still hold that this is more Apple than AT&T.
Talking about the US. Also, btw, much of Asian markets (and even European markets) do a TON of MMS.
The problem is that MOST phones do not have email. Also, I'm tired of telling some of my friends and family who happen to have a phone with email to remember not to MMS me, but email me instead. How many times do they remember this? ZERO. w00master
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