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This isn't a joke, it's the truth. Go ahead, check out AT&T's phone lineup. Nearly ALL of them have MMS.
I have no idea, but honestly placing blame on AT&T is the last reason on this. It's more money for AT&T so why wouldn't they want this? Therefore, it HAS to be Apple.
It's Apple. MMS is a revenue stream for AT&T, and nearly EVERY phone on AT&T's lineup has MMS. w00master
I'm sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense. Nearly every AT&T Wireless phone has MMS and has a plan that accounts for MMS. Why wouldn't AT&T want MMS on the iPhone? This makes ZERO sense. Honestly, look at the evidence here. The REAL hold-up is APPLE not AT&T. I hate AT&T just like the next guy, but seriously place blame where blame is deserved. w00master
I understand that Apple has put "Cut and Paste" on a list, but I would like to know how in the hell Google Street View has a higher priority than "cut and paste" or turn by turn directions or even MMS? How?
For Nintendo, this is simply never been true. All of Nintendo's consoles have *never* sold at a loss for the company. It's a clear difference in philosophy over Sony & Microsoft. However, Microsoft for the first time (earlier this year) posted a profit for the XBox 360 division. At this point (based on manufacturing/etc), I highly doubt MS is selling the 360 at a loss.
Imho, I'm hoping the EU passes this. I know I'm among the minority here, but imho there's no good reason why Apple has never had replaceable batteries for the iPods and iPhones. iPhone & iPods should have had replaceable batteries A LONG D*MN TIME AGO. Disagree with me all you want folks, but come back to me a year after this happens and then tell me if this was a good or bad thing. There's simply no excuse for Apple on this one. Flame away folks.
Perhaps the update includes the ability to do push notifications (I doubt it), but there are some other issues to contend with: 1. None of the apps released have this capability 2. Apple (at least this is my understanding) removed push notifications from the last SDK release.
Ugh, can we please not make this a political debate? Please. OT: Any comment on "updates" to 3rd party app error? Is it still around?
I just want to know if this 2.1 update will fix the "update" application bug. I have a bunch of apps that I've tried updating but continually iTunes says that there has been an error. Because of this (especially for the paid apps), I have been very hesitant of updating anything. The only workaround that I've seen online is to completely remove the app both on the phone and iTunes which works but is a huge pain in the butt. Any comments on this?
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