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I've already done this. We are voicing our objections to the overall lack of service and lack of communication from Apple.I've already done this. We are voicing our objections to the overall lack of service and lack of communication from Apple. It is unbelieveable in this day and age. That's why we are complaining about it, and I believe you would as well.Again, I am not talking about this. I'm talking about the apologists who claim that no one should complain to Apple...
So, lets say (like Apple), you continue to not get service. Again, you're saying that you should keep your mouth shut? I highly doubt that anyone would do this.I think you misinterpreted what I was talking about. I'm relating to people saying that "MobileMe is all new, and you shouldn't expect much from new tech!" Well sorry, but if you're e-mail was "relatively" consistent on .Mac, something you depended on, but suddenly it went to "MobileMe" and you *lost* said...
Again (just like my previous post), I pose this to back at you: You were obviously not a part of the "so-called 1%," but if you were: i.e. lost e-mail, no e-mail service for weeks, etc, how would you react? Are you saying that nothing should be said? Lets flip it again: Let say your city lost power, but got it restored and only 1% of the city still had no power. Lets say you were part of this 1% are you saying that no one should complain? Finally, on the topic of this...
So, if you lost your e-mail, etc. (basically part of the so-called 1%), what would you do then? Say nothing?How about I put it this way? Lets say power was lost for 1% of the city and you were part of this 1%, you wouldn't complain?So what about those who've been a .Mac member prior to MobileMe who had no option but to switch, they shouldn't complain either?Sorry, you may be tired of the "whiners," but I'm tired of the apologists.
Does anyone really use most of the features in Acrobat? On the Mac side, I definitely do not. Preview more than handles everything that I need. On the Windows side, I don't know anyone who uses any of the features in Acrobat besides viewing. Hence, I always recommend users download FoxIt to view pdf instead. Acrobat, imho, is such a resource hog that is nearly unusable.
Just an FYI, Flash is on 99% of all desktop browsers. w00master
I definitely understand this, and as a fellow movie buff I completely understand this, but it's been proven time and time again that the quality between HD DVD and Blu-ray is practically non-existent, so why is everyone in such a hurry in getting either format immediately and then having a debate about which is better? Frankly, NEITHER are any worth any salt. Until content is there, until there's a multi-format player, it's not worth getting either one. w00master
Sony influence is better than MS? Please, explain how? Significantly greater storage capacity? I could care less. That's what Hard Drives are for. I'm not a big fan of MS any more than any of us here, but seriously how is Sony better? Sorry, I don't buy it at all. w00master
Alert the media... A Blu-ray fanboy has entered the building.I could care less about either of these formats. The fact that neither side could come to an agreement to create one format and in the end screw over consumers ended my fascination on either formats. I honestly hope both of them die a miserable death.And honestly, does it *really* matter which format wins? Seriously. Is it seriously going to affect your day to day life? I really doubt it. Get over it, both...
Love how you generalize. Guess you must think I'm evil. I work in Advertising. Bwahahahha. Evil? (Dr. Evil pose) w00master
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