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No, I meant what I said. I don't think we're going to see the NBC price increases immediately, but then again (like many times before) I've been wrong.
I'll be surprised if the HD versions for "The Office" & "Heroes" are higher than $2.99 like the other shows. I'm betting the concession was giving NBC/Universal more pricing control.
Well, Valleywag is now even reporting that Apple caved:http://valleywag.com/5047491/nbc-con...back-on-itunes
Yeah, I know. It's just a habit.
Interesting... http://tinyurl.com/574ub8 I'd like to know more "details."
Interesting, because there's a rumor going around saying that Apple gave in a little, not NBC-Universal: http://tinyurl.com/5jjw9d Ultimately, we'll never know. In the end, this will help both parties.
I've already done this. We are voicing our objections to the overall lack of service and lack of communication from Apple.I've already done this. We are voicing our objections to the overall lack of service and lack of communication from Apple. It is unbelieveable in this day and age. That's why we are complaining about it, and I believe you would as well.Again, I am not talking about this. I'm talking about the apologists who claim that no one should complain to Apple...
So, lets say (like Apple), you continue to not get service. Again, you're saying that you should keep your mouth shut? I highly doubt that anyone would do this.I think you misinterpreted what I was talking about. I'm relating to people saying that "MobileMe is all new, and you shouldn't expect much from new tech!" Well sorry, but if you're e-mail was "relatively" consistent on .Mac, something you depended on, but suddenly it went to "MobileMe" and you *lost* said...
Again (just like my previous post), I pose this to back at you: You were obviously not a part of the "so-called 1%," but if you were: i.e. lost e-mail, no e-mail service for weeks, etc, how would you react? Are you saying that nothing should be said? Lets flip it again: Let say your city lost power, but got it restored and only 1% of the city still had no power. Lets say you were part of this 1% are you saying that no one should complain? Finally, on the topic of this...
So, if you lost your e-mail, etc. (basically part of the so-called 1%), what would you do then? Say nothing?How about I put it this way? Lets say power was lost for 1% of the city and you were part of this 1%, you wouldn't complain?So what about those who've been a .Mac member prior to MobileMe who had no option but to switch, they shouldn't complain either?Sorry, you may be tired of the "whiners," but I'm tired of the apologists.
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