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So, I was just sat looking at my new MBA and just behind it was my 160Gb iPod Classic, I got to thinking. I only have about 70Gb of stuff on my iPod and I've already nearly filled my 80Gb on the MBA (P2V'ed a work windows laptop for Fusion!). So I'm thinking, can I just pop both of these things open and do a swap? is that a good idea at all? Or would it be easier to just get hold of a new 160GB 1.8 PATA disk, if so who's selling? Thanks.
...buying an air and there were no MBP's out on display at all...
Hi, picked up a 1.6/80Gb Air today, the screen has started to 'pulse' on full illumination, this happens on charge or off - has anyone else seen this? Thanks.
...there'll be a 160GB option soon'ish as they're already in the iPod Classic. I'm a little surprised that the memory is pegged at 2GB but that's enough for most machines, and it's nice to see the x3100 in their too - means it'll play WoW well enough anyway. Overall I think it's a bold and imaginative move, it's exactly what I need and was hoping for - and if it doesn't suit your requirement it has both a big and little brother than might do it for you.
but it's nice to have the option
but does anyone know the 8800GT will be available for 'last gen' MPs? I know that the 8800GT in these new MPs use PCI-e 2.0 but every single 8800GT in the Windows world will operate in 1.x mode too so I can't see there being a problem. Just wondered as I can't spot it on the store. Thanks.
We can talk about specifics, but ultimately the issue is that we in the UK are far more used to genuinely good deals, on tariffs and handsets, than many other countries. This is because of the relatively early nationwide adoption of mobile/cell phone networks compared to many other countries, the benefit of being geographically close to Nokia while being a better market than Scandanavia and of there being a long-running, and consumer-benefitting, retail war for our money....
I think I know the answer already, but what would happen if you stuck a 'pc stock' 8800GT card into a mac pro in place of the existing pci-e card? presumably there'd be a biod issue that would stop it working at all, and even if it did work OSX would assume it's a low-end card, but windows should think it's just a normal card I guess. ANy thoughts?
but not this time, they took their merry-time fixing this one and it's massively inconvenienced so many people - personally I think they should offer to restart the normal applecare from yesterday as it was the first time the machine has been of saleable quality.
Thanks for that info, I usually do have another machine to hand when the imac freezes, I'll give it a try next time (won't be long I imagine!). I'm a massive Apple fan and have bought about 15 machines in the last decade, always singing their praises etc but I can't pretend that I'm not enormously disappointed with how long this problem is taking to fix. I have no problem with systems having problems, it's a complex business, but what I care about is how hard the company...
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