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He uses a Factime camera, not a mirror.
You can bet that if the shoe was on the other foot, Comcast would push for the broadest possible interpretation of the signed agreement.Stuff 'em, I say.
That is the reason I never go to that site anymore. Just one hit piece too many for me.
Good spotting!!
I love Taiwan. Lived there for a while. Very nice people generally, and huge tech consumers. I went to the mall Dan mentioned and it was a geek paradise. 😄
If scientists could combine the DNA of Jony, Elon and the best parts of Steve, that person could revolutionise humanity. We would have colonies in different solar systems in no time.
I don't really care about the emoji pictures as a statement of personal beliefs... But I am super happy that Siri now recognises Nu Zild accents, at least in the beta. Woo hoo!!!
Interesting thoughts.  I have always been a watch guy myself.  It used to piss me off having to turn on the screen to check the time on my phone all of the time.  Much better to just glance at my wrist. I was not terribly interested in the Apple Watch when it was announced, however now that I have been using a Fitbit watch I have loved the fitness functionality - which surprised me a great deal.  I would be interested in a much thinner Apple Watch with a longer battery...
You can get Sync Solver from the App Store. It can sync your Fitbit data to the Health App. Only problem is you pretty much have to remember to sync it yourself as the app doesn't do it. It advertises that it does, but it doesn't.Health seems to be able to figure out how to calculate it so you don't get double steps from using the phone and Fitibt data, so I imagine the Apple Watch will do it too.It is still really crap that Fitbit don't support HealthKit natively though.
Yeah I have the Charge. It is quite comfortable to wear and also quite accurate, however if you are on an Exercycle on a road to nowhere you won't get any credit for it. Same goes for other non impact activities like Yoga or a Tummy Cruncher session at the gym. I would be interested to see how the HR handled those activities - perhaps the heart monitor would be just the thing. The web interface is good and is handy for competing with friends on steps. Kind of reminds me...
New Posts  All Forums: