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It is true that MCX participating retailers have an exclusivity arrangement and that they can lose a considerable amount of money for breaking that pledge (not to mention losing their 'sign up' fee).The key point however is that said retailers have an out clause available up to one year from signing the agreement.  I hope these retailers will make the right choice and kick CurrentC to the kerb where it belongs - before it is too late and they are locked in for years to a...
Great article Mikey, thanks! Got it set up and working.
Well, it depends who you ask.If you have enough money you can essentially buy citizenship through what used to be called the 'Investor Plus' or business migrant scheme.If you are a regular Joe like me, they can be quite tough to deal with on your own unless you go through an immigration consultant or lawyer. I have tried both ways and it was 100% better to go through a specialist. A bit pricey initially, but they end up about the same cost in the end when you factor the...
Quite so. Thank you for the correction, citizen.*washes mouth*ūüėĄ
Now let's see,,, who owns WaPo again? Mr Bezos you say? Surely there can't be any ulterior motive behind this fact-lite click bait....
Not to hijack the thread, but I beg to differ on a couple of points.  A Kiwi was the first to fly a powered craft, quite some time before the Wright Brothers and he flew 320 metres in a straight line.  In Timaru (near where he lived) the airport is named after him. Richard Pearse. - for the sake of impartiality, I have linked an Australian website... Also, the father of nuclear physics, Ernest Rutherford was a Kiwi who won a Nobel Prize for his work in 1908.  "He is widely...
Dear Google, Piss off. Love, Apple & its more discerning users.
Yep I have found myself doing exactly that. I'm sure it freaks out the recepients at the other end...As for the event, no idea what they will surprise us with (besides new iPads), however I would like to see new AppleTVs..
Thanks for the interesting posts.
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