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Looks like a really good acquisition. I wonder what the danger is of some other company (like Google) buying out the Iridium system that Coherent rely on.
Great tip thanks - I had no idea this functionality was here at all!
Two of the scenes in the Rise commercial were shot in New Zealand! I had no idea the ad company was filming here.
Movies doesn't seem to work for me (in NZ).  Directions and the other stuff seems to be fine, however. I have changed Siri to NZ English.   Did anyone else get it working??
He uses a Factime camera, not a mirror.
You can bet that if the shoe was on the other foot, Comcast would push for the broadest possible interpretation of the signed agreement.Stuff 'em, I say.
That is the reason I never go to that site anymore. Just one hit piece too many for me.
Good spotting!!
I love Taiwan. Lived there for a while. Very nice people generally, and huge tech consumers. I went to the mall Dan mentioned and it was a geek paradise. 😄
If scientists could combine the DNA of Jony, Elon and the best parts of Steve, that person could revolutionise humanity. We would have colonies in different solar systems in no time.
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