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The 5s still takes great photos. I have been very happy with mine.  That being said, I am not a photographer by trade so your needs might be more advanced than mine...
Wasn't that a TV show with a young Robin Williams?Nork & Nindy?😄
How is this possible? I just saw the pics of the new Samsung Alpha. It was such an obvious copy I started yelling at the computer screen. It's a good thing everyone knows I am crazy.
Free? Must be ad supported.
Somehow I doubt this story about Xiaomi will be topping headlines in China like all the Apple hit pieces. I wonder why...
I think that was kind of his point.
Normally I agree with the posts you write SS, but here I think you are backing the wrong horse.I would argue that the billions of other people on the planet should have the right to a world without global warming and its associated changes in weather patterns that threaten crops and living spaces with droughts or coastal flooding.  I maintain that their collective rights outweigh rich bastards like the Kochs and I don't care how many politicians they have in their pockets....
Fascinating game. I looked into it ages ago but noted the lack of iOS support along with a lack of official Google support for my country (for this game). It really gets you that 'Geek' badge. :-)
That is a nice quote. Who said that?Anyways, I think it is more a case of projection than anything else.
Interesting idea.  Can't see it ever happening with all the history between these two companies..
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