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Which filter set(s) do you have enabled? Just the recommended ones?
I moved from FF back to Safari and found the same thing. Also the syncing of history and bookmarks across my iPhone and Mac is great as well.If I had to go back to FF or Chrome as my main driver I would really miss the sync.
Quite disappointing news.  Where Australia goes, NZ soon follows. I hope that this is just a negotiation tactic.  If Apple accepted lower fees for the UK, hopefully they can get the same deal to work in Australasia.   Apple is very popular in NZ/Australia and we also have a card carrying culture (i.e. most people don't pay using cash for anything).   I hope Apple can get the banks onboard.
Did anyone read the Guardian article? It was almost shimmering with schadenfreude. They really betrayed their Fandriod bias in that article. BBC is also quite anti-Apple. Why do British media hate on Apple so much?
Hi all, i was going to reply to Wizards post, but I can see some people have already done so a lot more eloquently than I could have done. Therefore, I submit to the discussion this link for those that haven't seen it. Cheers
Of course the drivers are not expecting a salary anywhere near a tech executive. But they are expecting pay and conditions that a support a reasonable life.The more money they earn, the more they can put back into the local community when they pay for food, rent, electronic appliances etc. This benefits the whole economy with increased tax take, increased service jobs to look after them. It's a virtuous circle.When the fat cats hoard all the money in off shore bank...
I 100% agree with you here. They have a real differentiating factor there that I hope more people will take notice of it.What I really want to know is when ApplePay is going to come to Australia and NZ?It is mostly the same banks in both countries and we have a very high electronic payment ratio. Should be an easy sell.
Sure Apple Music has its kinks, but I love it. I use it all day. I have deleted my Spotify app on my phone. It's the way Apple works, they release a solid product with some areas to work on and then they polish it through successive iterations to become fantastic. What they have now is very much a work in progress and that is fine with me as I feel it does a great job. It is just streaming music after all. I think some posters here need to take a deep breath and get a...
Wait, let me get this right.  So Google has almost unassaliable lead in search (virtually a monopoly) and on its handset operating system. Amazon has an almost unassaliable lead in e commerce and books etc.... but this is all fine with the Feds.   Apple who doesn't have a virtual monopoly in streaming music, or ebooks or search.... EVIL!  MUST CRUSH!!   ​It is so blatantly corrupt and wrong and.... just unfair... it makes my head hurt.     Why doesn't Apple uproot...
$2b sounds like a lot of R & D for one company.... but remember that Apple are the R & D suppliers for all of the 'innovative' companies that produce the Android platform handsets.. Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony etc.. Not a lot of R & D really.   There are a few people at work that have the new Sony (don't know the model... maybe Xperia or something??), anyway from a metre away you can't tell it is NOT an iPhone.  They are so similar it is ridiculous.  These same people are...
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