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Somehow I doubt this story about Xiaomi will be topping headlines in China like all the Apple hit pieces. I wonder why...
I think that was kind of his point.
Normally I agree with the posts you write SS, but here I think you are backing the wrong horse.I would argue that the billions of other people on the planet should have the right to a world without global warming and its associated changes in weather patterns that threaten crops and living spaces with droughts or coastal flooding.  I maintain that their collective rights outweigh rich bastards like the Kochs and I don't care how many politicians they have in their pockets....
Fascinating game. I looked into it ages ago but noted the lack of iOS support along with a lack of official Google support for my country (for this game). It really gets you that 'Geek' badge. :-)
That is a nice quote. Who said that?Anyways, I think it is more a case of projection than anything else.
Interesting idea.  Can't see it ever happening with all the history between these two companies..
Not a good situation for you.I can recommend making the break from Gmail however.  I'm really glad I did it.  Moved to an .icloud email and have never looked back.
Yep.  Guess AI has never heard of HTML5.Anyway the video was interesting.  This should be a shot across the bows of the WeChat market, which is huge amongst Mandarin speakers.  Only problem I can see is that WeChat is cross platform.  iMessages however are far more secure.
Come on mate, let's try and keep it civil.You don't have to agree with the guy but you need to tone it down a bit.
"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.."Slam!
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