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Yeah definitely.  If they price it right with the museums they could corner the market very quickly.
Did someone say hippies? 
Meh, Skylines are not bad.  I don't have any experience with the XR6.They were really big on the Fast and the Furious series (which I did really like), however GTR, have you ever been on Triumph (Bonneville, Speed Triple whatever) screaming down the coast road?  It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.   Anyway, back to the thread.  Personally I lost any and all interest in Nest after they sold out to the Goog.  I was looking at them pretty seriously too, but...
Imagine how easy that would to be keep it updated.  It would run sandboxed too so there wouldn't be the usual gaping Windows security holes.  But this is Microsoft we are talking about.  Everything should be difficult. Software Sadists.
I was staggered at how many iPhone users I saw around in Shanghai.  I know anecdotes are not worth much, but there it is...
I expect a Minority Report scanner at the front doors. Imagine the convenience!
I agree with Inkling above. I personally have no need for an always on camera and microphone set up in the house. With all the recent media disclosures, all I can see when I look at an XBox One in someone's lounge is Rummy or Clapper's face behind that unblinking camera. At least with laptops we can put a cover over the camera and it is not always on like a TV set up. Some people have no problem with it though, so who's to judge I guess.
Maybe this was what the Tesla meeting was about? It wasn't that long ago, perhaps they didn't have time to make a decision and confirm Tesla in the future lineup? Perhaps I'm projecting. However both companies have a stronger history of being gamechangers than any of their competitors.
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