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It looks like Joaquin Phoenix's girlfriend is going to have a little competition.
I own a PowerMac, and MacBook.  My MacBook won all my time away from the desktop (now a media server to my Apple TV.  Then I bought my wife an iPad 2 when released and found myself reaching for it often.  I got myself an iPad Air when released and now only use my laptop for heavy work in graphics or moving many files between locations.  This is at home. I would love to see an iPad Pro that could run both iOS and OS X.  Dropping the iPad into a docking station with a second...
They are probably selling far more counterfeits than real ones which doesn't help your poor quality argument. All the reviewers have been duped. Lol
Is this for getting around Atlantis?
I haven't had to pay for my iPhone since my initial iPhone I just sell my old one on eBay for more than what I paid for it on 2 yr contract.I put a case on it from day one and sell it with the original headphones.
@electrotech Apple has always been good at taking existing technologies and making them better. They've done over and over again. If they decide to implement NFC why wouldn't they do the same with it? Make it actually NOT hurt. To others, if Apple decides to implement NFC why would they need to abandon their other payment technologies? Why can't they let each grow side by side? It sounds like many countries outside the US are already implementing NFC so why shouldn't...
That's not a thumbs up, that's a thumbs over.
There's no way you're an Apple fan. You're just some racist troll acting as one to build more hate.
@GTR Nice try, we see what you did there, you tried to twist the truth into your favor just like that thieving, stealing, lying company Samsung. That 3 juries in who have awarded Apple millions from the master copycat Samsung. Hopefully they agree that it was willful like in the previous case and increase the damages. Maybe Samsung will get the hint you can't get away with robbing IP.
New Posts  All Forums: