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Haha it's April 1st and I can see how that applies to the first visionaries mentioned but then Dvorak in the finish? I guess he's just an April fool all year long when it comes to Apple. And to think one of his main goals was/is to get Apple fans bent out of shape with his comments when in reality he's completely bent out of shape himself.
This just kills me. I'm 54 and there was a time when buying American made products was common. These products lasted for years and quality control was top priority. Then everything went outsourced to other countries like China. It's not that these countries can't make long lasting products, it's that the corporations don't care anymore and only want cheap with the highest profits.So many of the well made products of the past still have the same names but are now garbage...
That was one slow download today at noon PST. The first thing that hit me was the BOLDEST system wide font I'd ever seen. I had forgotten when I upgraded from iOS 6 to 7 I went into Settings/General/Accessibility and turned on Bold Text because the font was so hard to read with these old eyes. Apparently this must have been commonly done. When I turned it OFF in 7.1 it looks pretty much like it did turned on in 7.0 4.
I remember reading that Koh has even been used by Samsung for some service which I can't remember exactly what for. But it did sound suspicious.
This is something I would very much like. The Asus Transformer T100 is similar, it runs both windows 8 and Android. It looks like a tablet and can be docked. If the iPad Pro was a large screen tablet running iOS on the go and when docked ran full blown Mac OS X I will be all over that. You could have a dock at home, work and in public places and only need to lug a tablet with you.
I can't help but imagine in that photo, Schmidt holding a knife in that hand and asking Jobs to turn around.  He was scheming behind the Apple board at that time to copy iOS with an Android overhaul.
I thought the same but it was mostly the default background images that loads and is shown in all the ads. I switched to the dark gray snake skin like still image, under accessibility turned on bold and larger text and am now very please with how it looks. A bunch of friends have done the same and say it a world of difference.
To give to their small children who don't buy anything. Wouldn't want to give them something nice to break either.
That was my thinking. The same thing happens in the US a couple of months prior to the release of new iPhone models. How many months and numerous rumor articles have there been written about Apple signing a deal with this large China carrier? They have been waiting to pounce.
For many the tablet replaced their laptop.  It's common to see individuals carrying a laptop bag and smartphone and no one thinks that odd.
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