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Wait a minute, she worked at PayPal from 2007-20011 then went to work for Apple and now goes back to eBay. She's a spy­čś«
Well as more people gain access there will be that many more customers asking businesses if they support it. My state employee CU just announced they will be supporting it soon and that's a lot in our state.
I've had three major Visa debit cards since the 90s, two have been compromised, the second just this year. I upgraded from a 5s to a 6 just to help promote Apple Pay. I want to see this card go away. I hope the next big move for Apple Pay is online payments like PayPal.
I recently got a message from the WA State Employees CU (WSECU) that they will be active by the end of the month. Maybe Apple is using the initial sign ups to test the load on their system during this big buying season. Hopefully the rest will all be added at once by years end.
A world where a company actually make a product worth paying a premium for.  This happens all the time in many industries.  There are businesses where individuals are making quality items with attentions to detail that people are willing to pay for.  Cheap isn't the best in the longer run.  People are tired of things breaking or not working as advertised.
I'Im trying to figure out how the 6 missed your investigation.
Anyone else wonder why SoftCard change their name from ISIS. lol
You can bet they are going for online payments. Apple was in talks with PayPal about coming on board with ApplePay. Ebay's push to have the PayPal Samsung deal with the S5 ruined it.
Throw Metal into that list. Portable gaming is about to go to a whole new level.
I'm wondering if it's interchangeable for left handed people. Can it be swapped to the right wrist and have the display flip 180? I know the digital crown would now be on the lower left instead of the top but that shouldn't be too big an issue.
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