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Diplomacy is often very fragile. Sometimes it is smarter to hold your tongue.
Sorry, I don't trust anthing that any of theses people say. This is all about massaging the made for TV image.
The loss of the manufacturing industry has completely changed the American workforce. Those without higher education/trades once made good livings working in factories. The factories are gone now and those people are working in fast food/discount store positions. Theses jobs were never intended to support families. Now they must. You can ship jobs to China and you can replace workers with technology, but the people don't go away. This is a huge problem. Then enter...
Interesting question. No doubt most in favor of much of what the Admin has done would be terrified of Hill having the same powers. It is so important to realize that you are not giving powers to the person; you are giving powers to the office.
We either let the people protect themselves or we adopt the tuff on crime tactics of Tonton's Hong Kong democracy. I'll choose being able to protect myself.
This is an example of the overbearing PC culture we are all having stuffed down our throats.
As much as if may disappoint you Sego, there is no inquisition. There is an ugly war, much of which is being fought in urban areas. No one knows who to trust so those with triggers are quick to use them. Likewise, unarmed civilians don’t trust anyone who tells them stop. They don’t stop and they often get shot. I’m not making excuses. Just observing.
Seems to latest victims were Christians.
If they were as bad as we read on PO, many here would long ago have disappeared.
"When she did not, they opened fire, killing her and a passenger."
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