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Suddenly, my 27" iMac w/Yosemite is sending error messages, "You don't have permission to..." Drag and Drop; opening Files; editing; etc., so those don't work.    Umpteen times, I have run Repair Permissions; set Permissions in Info; rebooted; relaunched Finder;  run Disk Genius 4, but the problem persists.    Any suggestions to solve the problem will be gratefully accepted.   Thanks
Logitech markets a K750 solar keyboard that charges quickly.  By holding it up to my reading lamp for fifteen seconds, it'll hold a charge for over two weeks. I'd love to have a solar track pad that would do the same. Since I don't carry a track pad around, I'd even buy a wired one, so I wouldn't have to change batteries frequently. Eneloop rechargeable or Energizer batteries don't last as long in my MTP as a fifteen second charge of the K750...
Thanks Marvin,   I don't know what I'd do without you and AI. I have Mavericks on my mid 2014 iMac, so I signed up with DropBox.    I have Yosemite on my older iMac and will set up MailDrop on it.    Thanks again, you da man. 
I tried to send a video file by email.which was rejected as being 35MB. I cut it in half using iMovie but when I tried to send the 1/2 (around 17.5), it was rejected as being 259MB. Does iMovie make files almost 15 times larger than the original? What did I do wrong?   Thanks
Your first suggestion worked fine. I didn't need to use Terminal. However, I should have explained that I wanted to use the list of Folder names in a Column on a connected computer to add Files in each Folder. . Do you have a fix for that?
I need to Copy a long list of Folder names in Mavericks. Just the Folder names, not the contents. Someone asked this on AI in '03, but it wasn't answered. Googling doesn't seem to produce an answer either.  Any suggestions?   Thanks
For more info, check this google search:   https://www.google.com/search?q=will%20Chrome%20replace%20Flash%20#q=Flash+player+%2F+chrome
Have you had any problems with BetterTouch like the cursor anchored to a file or a window? I use BetterTouch and that happens periodically and the only way I can unanchored it is to restart.  I'm not positive that it's BetterTouch that causes it, but I can't think of anything else. I posted that question but AI members haven't responded as yet. 
I'm not sure how to word this, but since there would be fewer MBP ports, what, in your opinion, would a hub look like?  How many ports should it have?  I assume different sized hubs will be marketed, but what basic ports would be needed for legacy peripherals. OR will it be necessary to replace older peripherals.
I never have to change batteries in the wireless Logitech keyboard. The MTP batteries had to be replaced every three weeks. It wasn't the cost but the inconvenience of changing them right in the middle of working on something. That's what I'm doing now with Eneloop rechargeables.  I stopped using the Magic Mouse. An MTP is much more utilitarian and saves my wrist. Since it doesn't have to be moved like a mouse, I'd prefer a wired MTP and not have to be concerned about...
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