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I had a similar problem with an older MBP.  I tried  several suggestions that didn’t work, so I tried connecting an exterior monitor which worked perfectly. My conclusion was that the monitor was bad and not necessarily the MBP.  However, the MBP eventually failed completely, and I replaced it with mid 2014, 21.5" iMac.  I've had some typing and other problems with the new iMac, but I'll have to post those later. Right now, there's a cat on my lap that insists on trying to...
I spoke too soon. After spending a lot of time downloading the last few years of bank accounts and tweaking them to bring them up to date, the newer info disappeared when I tried to find it again.  I have no idea what happened to the new downloads. They just evaporated. The new saved file shows only the info that was already there from about two years ago. 
I couldn't find the Intel version of Quicken 2007 on Intuit's site, so I texted and discussed it with a Quicken rep who sent me the disc. For $15, it was worth taking a chance on, and, as far as I can tell, so far, it seems to work just like the PowerPC version.     Has anyone else found and used it?  I'm curious to know if anyone has problems with it. 
Has anyone been able to purchase the new version of Quicken 2007 for Mac?  Online, any reference to it goes straight to Quicken 2015 for Mac.   I called Intuit hoping to buy it directly. A guy with a strong Indian accent said he’d have to take control of my computer in order to install Quicken.  No way!!!     Anyway, I want it on disk, so I asked where to buy it on disk.  He said possibly Best Buy, but entering Quicken 2007 on that site shows Quicken 2015.    
Alles ist kaput.  Server icons have disappeared from the SideBar, DeskTop, and Network, and all attempts to access the Server from the Client have failed.  The suggestions you made did work for a time, but . . .   Again, I would think the problem is caused by the Western Digital Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit connection; however, the Client can be seen and accessed by the Server. It's probably something in the new mid-2014 iMac that's causing the problem.  
Update:   This a.m, Server icons had disappeared from the client DeskTop and from the Finder SideBar.  However I was able to access the Server by using Command-K.  I was also able to replace the Desktop and SideBar icons with minimal effort, but It's  a pain to have to do so. Hopefully, that won't happen often.     Again, thanks Marvin and irnchriz for your advice. I'd be lost without Apple-Insider.
Irnchriz, Okay. I followed your directions and now there's connection from client to server.  However, pardon me if I'm pessimistic.  I've been at this point twice before. e.g., on 11/26/14, when I bought this iMac.  Secondly, when I followed Marvin's suggestions.  Both times, they worked for a few days before the server disappeared from the client. I'm not going to hold my breath but hopefully, this will work from now on.   In any case, thanks for your time and...
Marvin, I think this is a losing battle.  The situation keeps changing from day to day if not hour by hour. Tweaking wi-fi doesn’t help.     At times, the Server shows up on the network; then, a few minutes later, it’s gone.  When it does appear, some files like ‘Users’ have a red minus sign and aren’t accessible.  At other times, only a stylized folder like an icon shows up but can’t be opened.    Intermittently, it works and the Server can be accessed, but I can’t...
   I’m back to square one.  On the Client, the Server doesn’t appear under Network at all, now,, and if I use Command K, I get the error message:   “There was a problem connecting to the server —- —-.101. Contact your system administrator for more information.”   I'd think the problem was the PowerLine connection; however, the client still shows under Network on the server and there's no problem linking with it from that direction. 
Yes. and have had to use them each time I've tried to link the client with the server; however, the system has become so flaky that that window isn't available at this point. In the last few minutes, I did get a window that suggests "Select the volumes that you want to mount on (apl:// number)", but the options are grayed out.   Thanks for trying to help, Marvin, but I've come to the conclusion that whatever is happening is too deep to fix.  It started out fine when I...
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