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Tried deleting Safari first and then downloaded Mavericks again. That didn't work either.  When Safari is opened, Activity Monitor and Memory Cleaner show memory rapidly drain away until it's just a few K. Scary.      Activity Monitor shows Safari and many, many instances of Safari Web Content and continues adding them until memory is about gone.   Clicking on the Safari icon indicates many 'open' pages; however, they must be hidden. I don't see them anywhere.   Quit...
Twice. No joy. Safari just doesn't work other than sucking up memory.
Mavericks and the Safari version that came with it.
I’m fairly certain that the problem stems from Safari.  It gobbles up huge amounts of memory but doesn’t access URL’s. I’m using Firefox which is okay but would prefer to use a ‘workable’ Safari.   I’ve tried to find a Mavericks Safari to download but have been unsuccessful.  I tried downloading a previous Safari but my computer won’t recognize it.  I’ve downloaded Mavericks again but that  Safari won’t work either.     Is there a way to download a current Safari by...
I desperately need help.  Yesterday a.m., my iMac went nuts.  The Finder ‘Go’ doesn’t function at all. The sidebar won’t open so I can’t get to Applications, Computer, Home, or anything else under Finder ‘Go’. The Menu Bar goes gray when I try to use 'Go'. Since I can't get to the sidebar 'Computer', I can't access an external back up HDD.   Safari has disappeared from the dock; however, Activity Monitor shows many, many ‘Safari Web Content’ items and is taking up huge...
Thanks. I was able to remove the members name from the list.
What is a Block list?  I was reading some posts when a screen popped up and said it was adding an AI member to my block list.  I couldn't find a way to reverse it nor can I find any information about a 'block' list. 'Search' doesn't find it.   How can I find it and remove that name from it? 
Thanks, Muppetry,That's a good backup app for me. It can pinpoint specific files to save.
Try emptying the trash. That MAY work.  Edit: That may work IF you've deleted items on the HDD. Those items don't seem to be off the HDD until Trash is emptied.
You’re probably sick of hearing about D&D problems as I am of having them. The fix is in - but not permanently.  Every so often I have to run the Terminal program, relaunch Finder, and then D&D works - for a while. The last time I just relaunched Finder and D&D worked, so I’m going to try that until that doesn’t work any more.     Apple, tear down this (D&D) wall~!!!
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