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I have a whole slew of new problems since doing a clean install of Mavericks.  The most pressing is that the internal HDD doesn't show up in the Finder. I was able to mount the externals with Disk Utility, but the internal HDD 'Mount' is grayed out. Finder 'Devices' shows external HDD's but not the internal.    Others have had the same problem, and there's a work-around online but it requires going to the library and deleting a .plist; however, that's a catch-22. How do...
Belay that last request.  Safari seems to be behaving - for the nonce.
Unfortunately, Time Machine wasn't up to date; however, it did have week old info which helps considerably. Thanks.   Is there any other way to retrieve what was trashed? I would like last week's info, too.
I trashed and deleted an important folder.  Is there a way to retrieve it.
So far; so good.  Safari is working and goes to the URL.  It isn't draining memory quite as much as before.  However, every time a URL is accessed, it takes up about 120 MB which doesn't quit when the site is left.  Each one shows up in the Activity Monitor as an individual 'Safari Web Content' and continues to add up memory usage.  I have to quit Safari to get rid of them.  Does that happen in anyone else's system? Is there a way to avoid that?
It's been said that as a last resort, read the f_______ manual or in my case, read the f________ instructions.     "Red faced, he rebooted to the external HDD, opened Disk Utility, and pressed Erase (for the internal HDD)."  Lo and behold, it began erasing the HDD. Next step is to install Mavericks 9.1 and possibly, with fingers crossed and  breath held in, it will work, and troubles will vanish.  Or is that too much to ask for?   Thanks Muppetry and AI insider.  What...
Okay. I've backed up the HDD and made a bootable copy.  I'm ready to do a Disk Utility erase; however, Erase is grayed out.  It tells me "This is the startup partition. You can't erase it."   What do I do now?
"Then reinstall the applications that you need - don't just reimport all the baggage and preferences from your old system, one or more of which are probably causing these problems."   I appreciate the advice. The problem is that I don't know what the "baggage and preferences" are that are causing the problem.  Won't all previous preferences be automatically reimported with a backup? I don't know how to separate the wheat from the chaff - which is why I haven't done a...
Tried deleting Safari first and then downloaded Mavericks again. That didn't work either.  When Safari is opened, Activity Monitor and Memory Cleaner show memory rapidly drain away until it's just a few K. Scary.      Activity Monitor shows Safari and many, many instances of Safari Web Content and continues adding them until memory is about gone.   Clicking on the Safari icon indicates many 'open' pages; however, they must be hidden. I don't see them anywhere.   Quit...
Twice. No joy. Safari just doesn't work other than sucking up memory.
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