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I've had so many problems with Maverick that I decided to upgrade to Yosemite. Maybe not a great idea as there could be bugs in it too.    It seems to be working fine - and the bugs I've experienced with Maverick seem to be gone.     I have an external HD always on and connected to my iMac.     What I'd like to know is - should I upgrade that to Yosemite as well? Could I use that as a backup in case the internal HD failed? 
After reading - Review: Apple's redesigned late 2013 Mac Pro, I've had visions of a 'Mini Pro' replacing both the Mac Mini and iMac. A Mac Pro look alike but smaller with different components for the Mini and iMac versions. The iMac version could come with a 27" Apple Thunderbolt Display eliminating the need for the AIO attached monitor. It could also reduce other manufacturing processes.     Is that overly simplistic? I assume you'll say Apple will never field it. Why...
Eureka!  That cable worked. Everything seems to work.  I can use the screen with the MBP closed.     Thanks Marvin and AI members for leading me to the promised land.  This seems to resolve another problem I was having on the MBP - a frequent spinning beach ball. I don't know how or why, but I'm grateful that it did. It's like having a brand new computer.
Thanks. I'm just not conversant with cable nomenclature and didn't know that was called a DVI port.  Now I understand.   The Viewsonic is model "VX 2025wm.  The screen on the MBP turned green and isn't useable.  I'm hoping that an exterior monitor can be used instead.  I'll attempt to use the MBP in closed clamshell mode.  Forgive me if my choice of terms is incorrect.  I'm doing my best to keep up with mac technology but my aged brain doesn't always keep pace. Thanks for...
 "Just grab a DisplayPort-DVI adapter."    That's what I have now, but there is no MBP port that will accept DVI / (thunderbolt?). I need an adapter from the thunderbolt connecter to a USB or Firewire port.  Does that exist? 
I’m trying to find an adapter for a thunderbolt connecter to a USB or fireWire port.   What wording would I have to use to google it or find it on MonoPrice, Belkin, etc.?   I’ve tried every combination that I can think of but come up with O results. Is there such an adapter?   I want to connect a 20” Viewsonic monitor by a displayport thunderbolt connector to a 15” MBP (early 2008) that has no thunderbolt ports.   Suggestions, anyone?  Thanks in advance.
I'm using Safari 7 with Mavericks on my iMac.  For the last few days, Safari immediately uses 7.99 of 8 GB of memory and runs as slow as molasses.  For example, in working an online crossword puzzle, entering a letter follows about ten seconds behind entry.    Is there a way to download/replace Safari without reinstalling OS X Mavericks?    FireFox works fine but I'd prefer using Safari.
I was using Quicken 2006 (powerpc) which stopped working when I upgraded to Mavericks.   Would anyone recommend using Quicken 2007 for Lion (Intel) when upgrading to Yosemite?  I need only  basic record keeping and downloading from my bank. If not, what would you recommend?   Would I be able to transfer my Q-2006 file to Q- 2007? Or transfer from Q- 2006 to an alternate?   Thanks
Edit doesn't seem to be working.     Another list of alternate personal finance apps:   http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2009/07/01/good-bye-microsoft-money-16-powerful-personal-finance-programs/
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