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I've looked for threads about safe ad blockers for Safari 7 but haven't found one.  Does anyone here use one?  What's your opinion of it?     Thanks 
I'm having the same problem with my iMac since installing 10.9.3.   Also, Safari is extremely flaky.  According to MacRumors: Safari 7.0.4 is a free download available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.  But try as I may, I can't find it in the Mac App Store.  What am I doing wrong this time? 
Googling malware bytes brings up this site:  http://www.malwarebytesmac.org  showing MacBooster as an equivalent/alternative.
You're probably right.  
 Not for Macs.There doesn't seem to be Malware Bytes for Mac. Only alternatives like MacBooster, etc.
Is anyone using MacBooster?  What do you think of it?   Is it worth $60? Do you have a better suggestion?
Opening the GIFs in Preview in Snow Leopard shows the frames.  In Preview in Mavericks the frames don't show.  My conclusion: Mavericks must be the culprit.  Is there anything that can be done to to open them Mavericks Preview?  
I'm not so sure that the format is corrupted or that I received them as static images. If that were so, why would they animate under Snow Leopard?  Is this another thing that Mavericks left out?  I've had all kinds of issues since 'upgrading' to Mavericks - after doing a clean install.   "Apple givith and Apple taketh away."
That's the problem. They don't animate in QuickLook or Safari nor do they animate when sent on.  The sender checked out the site where they all originated and the originals ARE animating - both the one's that animated and the ones that didn't in the email I received.    BTW, I find that they will animate on my MBP w/ Snow Leopard but not on my iMac w/ Mavericks.   I found this online.   Use Preview to play animated GIFs  Apr 08, '03 10:23:00AM •...
I have an incoming email with a dozen GIFs in it.  Half will animate; the other half won't.  ?????   How can I get those six to animate?  Will Preview do it?  If so, what do I have to do to get Preview to animate them? If not, what else can I do to animate them?     I'm not asking to build GIFs, just to animate these existing GIFs.   If I want to forward the email, how can I be sure the GIFs will animate for the recipient?   Thanks
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