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Have you tried re-launching Finder or http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160979/flaky-mavericks?   Keep AI abreast of what you have tried so far and what results you've had; otherwise, AI members won't know how to help you. 
Have you resolved your problem? If so, please share with AI how you were able to fix it.  There may be others with the same trouble. 
I’ve had similar problems on my iMac when I “upgraded” (?) to Mavericks.  One thing that helped was  relaunching  ‘Finder’.  It would work for a while and then I’d lose drag and drop again.  After many cycles like that, it must have straightened itself out as I no longer have the problem.    Check out this thread if relaunching Finder doesn’t work:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160979/flaky-mavericks  
Submitting that last post jumped Safari Web Content to 220 MB.     And Editing is working now. 
The second I submitted the previous post, Safari Web Content jumped from 92.2 MB to 197 MB.  Is that usual?     BTW,  clicking on 'Edit' in the previous post didn't produce an editing window.  Would that be something on my end or on AI's end?
Does anyone know how to stop Safari content from consuming total Memory?   i get error messages that there is no more free memory even when Safari isn’t being over used.   For example, I was working a USA crossword puzzle and watching Activity Monitor.  Safari Content  just ate up all 8 GBs of memory within a few minutes.  When I  dumped the puzzle, Memory Used dropped to 3.35 GB.    No large apps such as Office are open.     I’ve tried using Safari in similar ways...
https://adblockplus.org/releases/adblock-plus-for-safari-beta-released Doesn't seem to be ready for prime time. When I down loaded it, there were warnings that caused me to back off.
I've looked for threads about safe ad blockers for Safari 7 but haven't found one.  Does anyone here use one?  What's your opinion of it?     Thanks 
I'm having the same problem with my iMac since installing 10.9.3.   Also, Safari is extremely flaky.  According to MacRumors: Safari 7.0.4 is a free download available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.  But try as I may, I can't find it in the Mac App Store.  What am I doing wrong this time? 
Googling malware bytes brings up this site:  http://www.malwarebytesmac.org  showing MacBooster as an equivalent/alternative.
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