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I'm too dense to understand that.  Shouldn't I be using RealPlayer?  If not, what should I use?
  How do I make this larger? I clicked on 'large' to submit this, but this is the size it uploaded. ​Should I quit any of these to regain memory?  
Marvin,  Activity Monitor shows 7.96 of 8 GB in use.  Other than apps, I don't know what many of these heavy memory users are. Could you advise me what can be quit safely?  Why are there many Safari Web Content users? Thanks.     Ooops,  The Activity Monitor (screen snap) shows up in the AI preview but not when it's submitted. What should I do to attach it?
You’re mistaken about Microsoft’s licensing procedures. I don’t understand why you’re bugging me about it.  Do you work for Microsoft?  Will you get a salary cut if someone doesn't "fork over some dough" for an older version of MS Office? I teach at Miami-Dade College, the second largest college in the US with over 161,000 students.  MDC has a(n) MS Office license that permits the library to offer that app to faculty and students without having to "fork over some dough". ...
I'm have the same situation as MiMac Are Activity Monitor and Process Viewer the same. If not, how is Process Viewer accessed? SpotLight doesn't show it.  If they are the same,  there's no 'All processes' at the top of my Mavericks version.  I don't see "page outs"  or "compressed memory" either.
I get an error message when I try to open iPhoto.  Does iPhoto come with Mavericks? It shows in the list of apps that downloaded with Mavericks but doesn't open.   I can't find an update for it.  Is it sold separately from Mavericks?
You're right but that was an older version - 2008 I think. I have a previous (purchased) version that I thought could be upgraded by it.    However, I deleted everything I could find of the 2008 version as I couldn't get it to work anyway.   I've heard  that Softronics is a reliable company but have no idea why they 'give away' software.   http://www.softronix.com/   http://www.linkedin.com/company/softronics
I downloaded a supposedly free version of MS Office from Softronics to my iMac. It showed the entire downloading process; however, I can't locate it. Spotlight doesn't show it; it isn't in Applications; it isn't in the dock or in the downloads folder.  Where else could it be?  Should I assume that it didn't actually download despite indications that it had? What else should I do or should have done? I'm stymied.
Yesterday, my files reverted back to fly and can now be played.  Poltergeists?  I haven't heard the Twilight Zone background music, but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and the files to revert to Elmedia again as they've done before.   The difference could be that yesterday, I copied and pasted RealPlayer Downloader alias from my external HDD to the internal HDD.  Odd because there doesn't seem to be a file with the name RealPlayer Downloader in Applications on...
Mr. Me,   What hoops do you have to jump through to get the ElMedia player to open and play a file.  It shows the file as a still picture, gives info about it, but will not play the file.  I've pushed, pulled, and pressed every button, icon, etc. I can find, but it absolutely refuses to play the file.  I have found nothing online either at ElTima, ElMedia, or elsewhere that gives that info.  What's your secret?   Furthermore, it won't go away. It clings like a burr to...
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