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Yes, I'm aware of that and have Bcc on the New Message page. My problem is I can't get Address Book to put the names I select in the Bcc window. No matter what I select, the names end up in the To: window. Do you know a way to get a Bcc button at the top of the Address Book panel? The button would have to be pressed every time I made a selection ( as does the Cc button), but that would be preferable to dragging all the names from the To: window to the Bcc: window. At...
Thanks, that would work, but, unfortunately, there are only two buttons on my copy - To: and Cc: How do you get the third - Bcc: ? I can get it on the New Message page by using the small box to the left of the Subject line. Don't see a way to get it at the top of the AddressBook panel.
In Panther, I was able to click on names in AddressBook and they would go to "To:, Cc:, or Bcc" whichever I had previously selected. In Tiger, they all go to "To:" no matter which one I select. This is a step backward in Tiger. Not being able to drag and drop into the Subject line is another step backward. Of course, I can drag the names from "To:" to "Bcc:", but I have forgotten at times and ended up having all those names sent to my recipients. Is there a way to...
http://www.macworld.com/article/1330...tml?lsrc=mwpvw This article appeared April, 2008, online MacWorld. The writer built a Mac clone and gives his thoughts, parts list, and lab results. Lab results at: http://www.macworld.com/article/1332...mac_bench.html Comments by Dan Frakes, of MacWorld, on: The mythical midrange Mac minitower (MMMM for short): http://www.macworld.com/article/5856...drangemac.html
Less than 5%. Probably all or most are forum members or at least surf AI and other Mac forums. It's no wonder why Jobs ignores our pleas
What percentage of Mac users think about new upgrades? I didn't until I joined this forum. Several of my family members have Macs and do NOT think about when the new upgrades are coming out.
Thanks Marvin. I intend to buy a new Mini. I thought there would be an upgrade at WWDC. Hopefully, there will be a new one by the time school starts. In the meantime, I'm trying to make the best of it with this old G4. I'm going to feel sad when it has to go. It was my first Mac and opened my eyes to the Apple mystique. I was going to put it out to pasture, but I think I'll keep it for the nostalgic factor. I still have my first DOS based PC- 8 MHz, two 5 1/4"...
I have 1GB of memory out of a maximum of 1.5GB. I've been using FF3; however, I think I'll stick to Safari. FF3 still uses a lot of memory even when it's running, but I'm not using it. Safari seems to use 1/3 the memory that FF3 uses under similar conditions. I've also started experimenting with Opera. In any case, I'll make sure that I don't have more than one browser running at one time. Thanks
How about a two piece system. A very thin keyboard and a separate unit containing the cpu, HDD, etc. The lower unit could have grooves that the keyboard could fit into to keep the two from moving apart. Would that work? That would solve the dirt problem and allow a change of keyboard. The lower part could also be put behind the monitor or in a drawer or on a desk hanger. Or does that sound too much like a reworked mini?
I upgraded my G4 800MHz tower to Tiger which is great, but I have problems that I didn't have with Panther. The computer slowed down to a snails pace, and I re-installed Tiger (thanks Lundy) solving the problem for a while. Other suggestions by Marvin helped, too. However a slow down has reoccurred several times. I have temporarily resolved the problem each time by using activity monitor (thanks again, Lundy) and quitting processes using large amounts of memory. Those...
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