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I think the old 'Scroll" key was the lamest. On occasion, I still use the Caps lock key. Of course, my computer is a desktop.
Well, I think it's funny - and on target. http://content.zdnet.com/2346-9595_22-202392.html
That WAS the problem although I don't why. I didn't manually change anything to cause it to happen. Thanks Marvin, I can always count on you.
I didn't see your 2011 projection.The next overhaul may be next month.I was using that just as an example because you said, "I assume you mean the major updates since the point updates are already disc free and down over the internet."Let's drop this because it seems like you're looking for an argument. I bow to your greater intellect.
I posted a similar plea on "Applications", but rec'd no replies. Maybe that was the wrong place to post. So here goes again: Clicking on a link (anywhere on my computer) to an online site (suddenly) doesn't work. However, clicking on a link in a browser accesses that link's site. I just can't access a site directly from my computer without going through a browser. Even the spring-like icon in the dock that normally goes to the Apple site does not...
I meant major updates like Tiger or Leopard. NOT if you don't have an OD as you're advocating.I don't have a DVD drive. How the H-ll am I going to get it on a flash drive in the first place?Tiger, Leopard, and other apps DON"T come on a flash drive. Until they DO, we still NEED a DVD drive. How long will that be? I don't see that happening soon.
Are OS X upgrades (Tiger/Leopard) available? What about other apps? If not, you would still need an Optical Drive to transfer the app to a USB flash drive. I imagine app companies will eventually put stuff on USB's, but when? How long will we have to wait? In the meantime, we'll still need OD's. What am I missing?
The article below appeared in the Miami Herald Posted on Sat, May. 24, 2008 To buy (or not) an extended warranty on computer? • When buying a Mac. Consumer Report has long said that it's worth considering an extended plan for Macs due to Apple's brief tech support which runs out 90 days after purchase (although unlimited support is available in its stores.) While CR's survey showed Apple's track record for solving problems among consumers without paid plans was...
Clicking on a link in an email in Mall suddenly doesn't work. I can get to sites from anywhere else. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Edit: I can ONLY go to online sites from a browser. Links, such as Mail, on my computer do NOT work. Even the spring-like icon in the dock that normally goes to the Apple site does not work.
Then you would need an external optical drive or another computer with an optical drive. Otherwise you couldn't update the OS. I have an 800 G4 w/no optical drive and I had to jump through hoops to upgrade to Tiger. I didn't like the idea of paying circa $100 for an external OD or even $30 for an internal OD just to upgrade.
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