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The tenor of this thread reminds me of Winston Churchill's statement regarding Democracy. “Democracy is a terrible form of government...but all the others are so much worse!” —Churchill Apple may not be perfect, but all the others are so much worse!
Sorry, no post.
I just received an Apple Store email which reads: "Which Mac are you? Choose one by September 15 and get a free iPod" Does that mean Apple will still be getting rid of older Macs and, therefore, won't be displaying new models until after September 15?
Will that make the prints larger?
I think she was using Word, but I don't think that fonts were the problem. That would show up on a document she was working on.
My face is red. My ex-wife's iMac makes a print that's too small to read. When I was asked how to make prints larger, I just couldn't recall how to do that. Resolution? Suggestions, anyone?
Case closed for me. Ask a man who knows. I'm convinced.
Could a MB or MBP be made with the same material as the clear plastic / lucite on the G4 tower and other towers? I like that material. It always looks new and clean, and it doesn't dent easily. I guess it would be heavier than the existing plastic. Isn't the shift from titanium to alumin(i)um a backward movement? I thought titanium was a stronger metal.
Has anyone used a digital clipboard? I would like to know your experiences with one. Adeso sells one called a Cyberpad and another called a Cybertablet. There's another called a DigiMemo. They seem to range from around $90 to $170. What are the pro's and con's with using one? Wacom sells tablets (Bamboo; Intuos; Citiq), but they seem to be more for drawing. I need something just for text. BTW, how do these differ from the (future) Apple Slate that I've...
Thanks, Ireland, I tried both of your suggestions. The DejaMenu does work, but IMO, it's a little klunky. I like your second suggestion best. I'm going to use that myself. I sent both to my daughter, so she can decide which one she likes best. Your suggestions are very much appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: