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Could a MB or MBP be made with the same material as the clear plastic / lucite on the G4 tower and other towers? I like that material. It always looks new and clean, and it doesn't dent easily. I guess it would be heavier than the existing plastic. Isn't the shift from titanium to alumin(i)um a backward movement? I thought titanium was a stronger metal.
Has anyone used a digital clipboard? I would like to know your experiences with one. Adeso sells one called a Cyberpad and another called a Cybertablet. There's another called a DigiMemo. They seem to range from around $90 to $170. What are the pro's and con's with using one? Wacom sells tablets (Bamboo; Intuos; Citiq), but they seem to be more for drawing. I need something just for text. BTW, how do these differ from the (future) Apple Slate that I've...
Thanks, Ireland, I tried both of your suggestions. The DejaMenu does work, but IMO, it's a little klunky. I like your second suggestion best. I'm going to use that myself. I sent both to my daughter, so she can decide which one she likes best. Your suggestions are very much appreciated.
I bought my daughter a MBP when her Dell disintegrated. She loves the Mac with one exception. She prefers Windows having App menu bars on the pane rather than on the desktop. She uses two monitors and bemoans the fact that the menu bar is only on one monitor. She finds it confusing when she has several apps open on both monitors. Is there a way to have the menu bar on both monitors? I told her no, but I'm hoping an AI member can prove me wrong.
Thanks, Marvin. I can always count on you for guidance.
The LaCie site shows the d2 burner w/Toast 8 titanium for Mac. The cost is $169.99. http://www.lacie.com/us/products/product.htm?pid=11001
That LaCie burner comes with software for Windows and a LightScribe download for Linux. It doesn't mention software for Macs. What would you need to use it with a Mac? Would you have to buy Nero or something? That raises the cost considerably. Also, it lists:Minimum System Requirements • USB equipped computer • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows VistaTM / Linux- based system** • Pentium IV processor or greater • 256MB of RAM • Direct-disc labeling requires LightScribe...
Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyMJS ...is the one they should copy the most: Admit their OS isn't cutting it anymore, build a new one from scratch, and add legacy support for the old OS into the new one for a few years until application developers make the transition from old-and-busted Windows to new-hotness Windows. Quote: Posted by Amerist I couldn't agree more. When that happens, they might get me to start using Windows again. Until then, I'm an Apple fanboy...
I meant spy electronics in computers that were made in China - such as Macs. Spy ware would not be noticed either.
China has been hacking US computers including laptops that US Congressman are carrying around in China. I wonder about the possibility of Chinese computer factories adding Trojan horses or spy electronics in computers sold in the US. What would stop them from being able to access those computers? Any thoughts on the subject?
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