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If Apple comes out with a larger, better equipped Mini, wouldn't that BE the xMac?
In 2001, I looked at a house that was selling for $155. That same house is now selling for over $600,000. Even if I could afford the payments on that house, I still couldn't buy it. Real estate taxes and insurance (especially storm insurance) have soared through the roof.
I know that current Macs can be connected to a TV, can an older G4 800 Mac be hooked up to a TV.
I am not too happy about it. The larger the Apple share, the more Macs are going to be targeted by the 'evil ones'. Maybe he means Apple will be pasted by the 'evil ones'.
Could you expand on using an external HDD. How do you clone the install DVDs onto the drive? Just copy them? When upgrading using the ext. HDD, and you're asked to insert disk 1, disk 2, etc., how do you do that?
Your computer is still under warrantee. If bobmarksdale's suggestion doesn't work, call Apple and explain the problem. They are good at fixes. Welcome to AppleInsider.
BTW, does anyone recall the movie where a woman asks Armando Assante, "What do you do with an elephant with three balls? Walk him and pitch to the rhino."That may not be humorous to Brits, but US baseball fans would get it. I tried googling the movie, but no luck.Spamtastic, why the change?
Yes, I'm aware of that and have Bcc on the New Message page. My problem is I can't get Address Book to put the names I select in the Bcc window. No matter what I select, the names end up in the To: window. Do you know a way to get a Bcc button at the top of the Address Book panel? The button would have to be pressed every time I made a selection ( as does the Cc button), but that would be preferable to dragging all the names from the To: window to the Bcc: window. At...
Thanks, that would work, but, unfortunately, there are only two buttons on my copy - To: and Cc: How do you get the third - Bcc: ? I can get it on the New Message page by using the small box to the left of the Subject line. Don't see a way to get it at the top of the AddressBook panel.
In Panther, I was able to click on names in AddressBook and they would go to "To:, Cc:, or Bcc" whichever I had previously selected. In Tiger, they all go to "To:" no matter which one I select. This is a step backward in Tiger. Not being able to drag and drop into the Subject line is another step backward. Of course, I can drag the names from "To:" to "Bcc:", but I have forgotten at times and ended up having all those names sent to my recipients. Is there a way to...
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