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Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyMJS ...is the one they should copy the most: Admit their OS isn't cutting it anymore, build a new one from scratch, and add legacy support for the old OS into the new one for a few years until application developers make the transition from old-and-busted Windows to new-hotness Windows. Quote: Posted by Amerist I couldn't agree more. When that happens, they might get me to start using Windows again. Until then, I'm an Apple fanboy...
I meant spy electronics in computers that were made in China - such as Macs. Spy ware would not be noticed either.
China has been hacking US computers including laptops that US Congressman are carrying around in China. I wonder about the possibility of Chinese computer factories adding Trojan horses or spy electronics in computers sold in the US. What would stop them from being able to access those computers? Any thoughts on the subject?
If Apple comes out with a larger, better equipped Mini, wouldn't that BE the xMac?
In 2001, I looked at a house that was selling for $155. That same house is now selling for over $600,000. Even if I could afford the payments on that house, I still couldn't buy it. Real estate taxes and insurance (especially storm insurance) have soared through the roof.
I know that current Macs can be connected to a TV, can an older G4 800 Mac be hooked up to a TV.
I am not too happy about it. The larger the Apple share, the more Macs are going to be targeted by the 'evil ones'. Maybe he means Apple will be pasted by the 'evil ones'.
Could you expand on using an external HDD. How do you clone the install DVDs onto the drive? Just copy them? When upgrading using the ext. HDD, and you're asked to insert disk 1, disk 2, etc., how do you do that?
Your computer is still under warrantee. If bobmarksdale's suggestion doesn't work, call Apple and explain the problem. They are good at fixes. Welcome to AppleInsider.
BTW, does anyone recall the movie where a woman asks Armando Assante, "What do you do with an elephant with three balls? Walk him and pitch to the rhino."That may not be humorous to Brits, but US baseball fans would get it. I tried googling the movie, but no luck.Spamtastic, why the change?
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