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Lundy, This is SHORTLY after a reboot. I had restarted with my BackUp to see if the same problem was on the BU. It was, so I restarted with my main HDD. I'll repost after a few hours. Thanks. Last login: Sat May 10 13:18:07 on ttyp1 Welcome to Darwin! c-71-206-66-170:~ adstewart$ vm_stat Mach Virtual Memory Statistics: (page size of 4096 bytes) Pages free: 102613. Pages active: 34775. Pages inactive: 101060. Pages wired...
Computer is moving at a snail's pace A few months ago, I installed Tiger on my tower G4 800, and the difference in ‘snappiness’ was very apparent. Recently, the system has slowed down to a snail’s pace. I have run repair permissions and repair disk - no luck. Disk Utility said there was an ‘exit’ problem with the main HDD, and repair disk fixed that problem. But the computer is still slower than molasses. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I run SuperDuper, it...
Thanks. I'm aware that Leopard has a method of archiving e-mails. I thought it possible that Tiger did also. But if not, I will use MailSteward. Thanks again.
I'd like it small enough to sit on my desk like a Mini, or have it mounted just below desk top.
[QUOTE=guinness;1249342]Reminds a lot of the white ASUS case that the Psystar uses, and also potentially noisy, as the fan port look small. But it's just a mockup, I know. Even shares the same power button location: /QUOTE] Psystar's computer has internal wires. The mockup has drawers like the MacPro. The Psystar looks to be much larger than the mockup.
Mel, what are the dimensions of the one you designed?
Another view of my dream Mini. This was from last year, so some specs might have to be upgraded.
Do you recall this Mini someone designed. It was in several threads last year. I love it. I drool over it. I dream about it. I want it. Please Apple, make this a reality. Then we won't have to concern ourselves about clones. Don't drive some of us to crappy clones. I don't know the dimensions of this mockup, but I assume it's half or less the size of a MacPro or about 4 times the size of a Mini.
I'd like to archive my mailboxes. I want to keep the email messages, but not in Mail. Is there a way to archive them outside of Mail? I'm using Tiger 10.4.11 on a G4 800.
Who was that masked man?
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