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Right now I'm not very comfortable with Apple Music, so I will hang on to my Pandora subscription.
No matter where I look to go to an Apple Store it takes 3-4 hours to get there. I would love it if Apple built a store in my area and we (Apple and me) were able to change the "Land of Windows" mentality here..... boneheads.
Sue the deep pockets so maybe you can restart your company????
It's like the political landscape. Everyone calling each other names. Buy what you want. We want people to be respectful of their creations and those of others. So tired of people lobbing bombs at each other. Sheesh.....
I've upgrade my iPhone, but after missing the map function too much, I've decided not to upgrade my New iPad. I love the map program too much to go complete IOS6. I wish they would work out their differences so I can get my Google Maps app back. The Apple map app (despite my absolute adoration of Apple) is really lacking. Way too soon to dump Google.
I'm being told this article is not true....about the 25% raise. Those folks need a raise. Every store I've gone in is super busy and dealing with the diversities of the customers deserves well paid, well educated employees. Apple, with all its bucks in the bank, should be making the employees' wallets bigger so that they can afford living in the cities where the Apple Stores located. I think most of the employees work at Apple because they love the Apple products. 
You can't even search for this app..... "No results"
Will iBooks be coming to the new system????
[QUOTE=Tallest Skil;2031519]Let's just ignore how they GOT like that… Flash is discontinued. Premier Pro is discontinued, some features wrapped into Final Cut. After Effects is discontinued, some features wrapped into Motion. Fireworks is discontinued. Dreamweaver and Contribute are… what, rebuilt into something useful? Photoshop and Illustrator are redone from the ground up. Audition is discontinued, some features wrapped into Logic. Encore, DVD Studio Pro, and...
How about splitting stock and giving more folks the ability to buy into Apple. I don't understand the >$400 a share business and still no split.
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