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I think it should be up to the artist & label whether they wish to sell their "product" on a per song or per album basis. Yes there are some releases that should be a full album intact in my opinion however why don't they then encourage you to buy it by charge 5 or 6 bucks total for the full album. If fact keep single songs at .99 or 1.29 and charge $6. for the album. That would give you more incentive to upgrade. I am old enough to remember paying 88 or 99 cents for 45...
Does Tubular Bells Part One cost .99 on iTunes? And it's only half of a song!
Maybe I am spoiled (have the great Amoeba Record Store in San Francisco) and pay attention and read music mags, but in my opinion there is SO much great music released now. So MANY great albums. It's just that you never hear them. Audiences are fragmented and hardly listen to radio like they once did. Playlist are very limited. Even MTV hardly plays music videos anymore. I'm 54 and college radio is still the only real place where I go to find new tunes. Also sites like...
I certainly love this idea. Yes there are singles bands as the crappy American Idol has shown but for me there is nothing like a wonderful full on artists album creation. Having said that. I choose the CD or LP every time over a digital version. Can't wait for the remastered Mono and Stereo Beatles boxes coming out soon. The mono version is limited to 10,000 and was printed in Japan with the mini full on LP replicas. It is SO cool and the mixes are the way they...
I live in San Francisco and I find the reception great!!??
Huh,, sorry but that was a joke about how bad the stock market has been since last September. Oh well! \
Along with the weather, the stocks don't work either. But that one hasn't worked since last September
Interesting. Everyone I spoke to so far (about 10 people) say the the Weather app is not working. Nothing shows on the days. So sun no rain no clouds. These are all on 3Gs. Anyone????
See! All you who got pissy about the upgrade price, can now happily wait until your time comes and by then a faster iPhone will be out. But then everyone who purchased the 3GS now will get pissy because THEY won't get the new phone cheaper next year. Oh well . Round and round we spin.
I hate this all or nothing. In my case there have been many times I bough a track or album which I found I loved and then bought the real physical CD for perfect sound and package. I'd hate to have to upgrade those. Although I assume I could delete the old downloaded versions from my iTunes. If I did that would they still show up as purchased so I'd have to upgrade? But there are songs I have dowloaded and do want to keep but don't want to have to upgrade. A couple guilty...
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