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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I think I'm blind.
  When you say ..."save us all"  it certainly sounds like you are speaking for the whole of the UK.But, you also say the crowds are "jubilant."  Guess they indeed don't agree with you. Except for a few glimmers, I for one, thought the show was sorely lacking until Paul and Ringo took the stage.
Ive to Bromwich.."Mikey, come on up and let's have lunch on the roof... the view is great"   Ive to police.. "shit, he just slipped"
Jeez, Where is Sammy Davis, Jr. when you need him?   /s
Geez, all we need is the Pres weighing in on another issue he has no business in.   Shame on Verizon lawyers for dangling bait, but obviously they know it has been taken before...
I completely forgot about them...  aren't they taxed out the wazoo though?
Got a list of those?  I have my bags packed... seriously, I need a list so I can do some homework.   No, I'm serious!!   Of course it would help if English was at least a secondary language taught in their schools...
Wish they would hurry up and drop a Haswell in the iMac.  I got money I need to burn too.
  Darn, I thought that what I typed... guess my finger slipped downhill.
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