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Oh my God, I have never heard that one before!!!! I love it!The mental picture is more than my pea brain can handle. ROFLMAO
Still doesn't look like any Mail Merge...  Jeez, I sure would like to upgrade...
The whole thing just leaves me cold.
 You are pretty much dead-on. Since Apple has apparently not closed on the property, the sale probably has a contingency for approval of annexation from the city, which would allow Apple to access city sewer, water, electricity, police protection and any other public services the municipality might offer.In return, Apple would be paying not only for those services thru billing but also by additional municipal tax. Annexation in North Carolina comes only (for the most part)...
 Despite the "dogpile" by others, I agree with you. Having used iWork for years in a business environment, the new version (yes folks, I have used it) is less than a workable replacement.  Numbers is a sluggish, reformatting mess and until Pages gets Mail Merge it is crippled. Don't even think about upgrading your current docs to the new version and then changing your mind.  Backward compatibility is nonexistent and complete rebuilds will be in order. Most of the new...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I think I'm blind.
  When you say ..."save us all"  it certainly sounds like you are speaking for the whole of the UK.But, you also say the crowds are "jubilant."  Guess they indeed don't agree with you. Except for a few glimmers, I for one, thought the show was sorely lacking until Paul and Ringo took the stage.
Ive to Bromwich.."Mikey, come on up and let's have lunch on the roof... the view is great"   Ive to police.. "shit, he just slipped"
Jeez, Where is Sammy Davis, Jr. when you need him?   /s
Geez, all we need is the Pres weighing in on another issue he has no business in.   Shame on Verizon lawyers for dangling bait, but obviously they know it has been taken before...
New Posts  All Forums: