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Bad choice of words on my part.Should have said something like "production expectation" If they have one guy making one widgit, they should have known prior to September he would need to take off for lunch - at some point.
 Got that right, even Apple didn't have any to sell/ship at launch. Horse trader... "I know I said I had a saddle - I can git you one in a few weeks.  Let me help you load up that horse...  See, this will give y'all time to walk around and get used to each other."
 I would think at the production quality level of Apple, that even a 5th tier facility should be expected to produce.  Since they introduced working models at the 10/9 event, they surely knew what production times and hiccups were going to be involved.
 Common is right. I know... they are just keeping us on the edge of our seat and giving us something to look forward to.
 Car salesman... "Come over here and let me show you these new models we just got in today.  These babies will sell quick.  Wheels? oh, we'll have 'em in a few weeks.  Sit down in this one and check out the new radio."  ...edited for extra sarcasm
 Sorry for the reference, but that makes you the "poster child" for why Apple should be getting this out as a potential set.Somewhere, somebody dropped the ball.
Exactly, now will you wait longer to get the set? Sorry, I worded that wrong...Exactly, now you will wait longer to get the set. 
Ordered the 128g within hours of the launch and would have added the pencil without question if it had been available.  Now that I will have time to assess the usefulness, I may not get one at all.   That is where Apple dropped the ball, they missed us crazy impulse buyers...
Wonder what Michael Bromwich's total bill was? $450,000,000.00 is pocket change to get rid of that prick.   If they prevail at SCOTUS, then they should be awarded damages from Cote and her Brombitch to the tune of his fees and her Judgeship.
Anyone know if they brought back mail merge to Pages? No mail merge = no upgrade for me.   Kinda reminds me of that political statement a few years back - you know, the pig and lipstick thing.
New Posts  All Forums: