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 Idiots and ambulance chasers. They should both be charged with treason along with aiding and abetting the enemy for proposing and detailing the process.
Not an Apple employee, but there is currently a "Company Store" at Infinite Loop that carries Apple branded items that can be found no where else in the world.  Everything from T's to coffee cups to pencils. No hardware though. Apple does offer employees a nice discount on hardware. http://www.apple.com/companystore/
Overall a poor PR week for Apple. Make thoughtful decisions, not hasty.
Yeah, you know.  Dat wonderful young man who brings us all joy and uplift-ment wid his great talent.  /s
 Blue Jean Cable ResponseHoly Crap!  That is the best KMA letter I have ever read.
There indeed may be the problem/reason.
Ya know, I just tried to launch Aperture for the first time since 10.10.3 and it just sat there...Came back a few minutes later and it opened just fine.  Weird
Like gasoline psychology - except reverse. You pay for more, you just get less - or something like that...
What I want to know is what does it matter how may black execs Apple has? How do you know 1/2 of the folks Apple employs aren't QTBGL? BINGO, let's force everyone to declare.  That should cure everything, cause certainly only the best are hired... right?
Certain parties argue that consumers domestically and abroad have stopped using their products because of government snooping, amounting to dollars lost. That's better... and true.
New Posts  All Forums: