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 Is anyone at "Appleinsider Staff" actually following the tech market?
CNET   http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-faces-billions-in-fines-in-tax-avoidance-probe/
 Not smart phones.
 Android smartphones already have 80%+.Why haven't they 'won the developers' already?  ASP for all iPhones is currently around $ 580.  Samsung's GS5 'flagship' around the same as Apple's iPhone 'flagship'. Some Phablets.... even higher prices.  Yep! Just take a look at those low margin bargain basement Macs. Citation?Didn't think so.   I predict a riot!   Oh I see.... you're just talkin bollocks. Sorry, my mistake. 
Hardly relevant to this thread though?
 Well one company is doing just that: https://www.abiresearch.com/press/2q-2014-smartphone-results-forked-android-aosp-gro Short version...ASOP accounts for 20% of the market. Nearly a quarter of 'total' Android.
Apple just reported a record June quarter of Mac sales.Well of course they don't.
... is complete bollocks. Ten consecutive months of falling PC sales as noted by IDC. That is a trend. But it's not growth.  Look, we'll have to wait a few days for Apple to announce their figures.... but currently, Apple's previous two quarters showed sales increases for Macs. The Mac's global market share is at it's highest since 1994. The installed base has doubled in the last five years. So yes, I stick by my first response. Your understanding of the figures and indeed...
 It seems your understanding is pretty poor.
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