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  And at "around 50%" the iPhone 5 is "the best selling one".
  http://www.kantarworldpanel.com/global/News/news-articles/US-iOS-Maintains-Lead-Among-US-Smartphone-OS-Sales   You're welcome!
  Yep. It's not quite the same strategy as expanding your market by creating the iPod Mini followed by the Nano and the Shuffle. Or by expanding your tablet market by creating the iPad mini... but it seems to be working. Apple have expanded their market from $850 to $450.    Source   Hardly any market left then! ;-)         Yes 75% is great. It's fantastic! But it's an exaggerated number because Nokia and LG etc are selling hundreds of millions of phones each year, but...
  No! They are buying music and video capable phones in the hundreds of millions. And the vast majority are not iPhones.       Because, I believe, the "stupidphone" market is not so stupid.... and it is vastly greater than the high end ($300+) smartphone market.         Perhaps you weren't paying attention, but in the last three markets that Apple entered they started at the top and worked their way down. It's better that way!         Yes. Moderate...
  I think Tim Cook and Apple might be interested in growing their business. The iPod is only heading in one way.   It would be really interesting to see a breakdown of iPod sales in more detail than just "iPod Touch accounts for about 50%". But at least with that info, we can assume that the Nano is < 50%. That could mean anywhere between maybe 10 and 15 million in 2012. And falling every year. How long before half of the iPod business is simply not worth it?    I am...
  1. Falling sales of non-iPod Touch-iPods. 2. Still one billion sales of dumb/feature phones. (2012) 3. The recent, moderate, success of Nokia's Asha line. 4. Plenty of evidence showing low end Androids being used in a non 'smart' way 5. ... as well as, said Androids, adding virtually nothing to the app economy.   Can't you just imagine the uproar it would cause amongst the bloggerati and the phandroids if Apple released, the most expensive.... feature phone ever?   PS....
  That, right there, exposes the fact that you really haven't thought this through.
  No. I am not reading anything wrong. I repeat. "Last three years"
  Not iPhones. Not for the last three years, at least.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IPhone_sales_per_quarter_simple.svg
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