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    iOS. $ 7 billion over 4.5 years.   Brew $ 3 billion over ?? years.
You suspect wrong!
Who made more money last year, Apple, HP or Dell?
    Methinks you should take your own advice.   My advice. Think more. Post less.
Rubbish article!   Kantar numbers are US smartphone sales. ComScore is US smartphone subscribers. ie user base.   It's not rocket science.
  So... the iPad 2 has "no issues" and the iPad Mini ( with a higher pixel density) is "blurry".   ?
  sr2012... you go girl!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9fa3HFR02E
I'm not being rude.    The Comscore figures refer to total US subscribers. That's all phones not just smart phones.    
  What is wrong with you guys?   Yes Hill60 made a mistake but your response is equally wrong.
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