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  What is wrong with you guys?   Yes Hill60 made a mistake but your response is equally wrong.
  Facts they may be... but not relevant to your conversation with Hill60.   Your charts show global share of smart phones.. only. Try again.
Just about a perfect post. Thank you.
8 brand spankin new newbies... in one short thread.   What are the chances?
Yep!   http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Desktop-Computers/All-in-One-Computers/   120 SKUs
  Viral bullshit!      (IMHO)
... And you wouldn't want to look stupid now... would you?
  Apart from not displaying an image of the phone on the box.... and having completely different  dimensions. 
Yes, now you're getting there Tool.   Still not correct though!  Samsung's smartphone subscriber share for Q2 2011 was 10% not 8%. And 17.5% for Q2 2012.   Thanks for playing.
New Posts  All Forums: