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Yes, now you're getting there Tool.   Still not correct though!  Samsung's smartphone subscriber share for Q2 2011 was 10% not 8%. And 17.5% for Q2 2012.   Thanks for playing.
You can't even read the chart you linked to properly.Nielsen and NPD are measuring different things. Installed base vs sales.So that makes all your figures incorrect.
  Apple is accusing Samsung's 'app drawer' (or whatever it's called) of looking too similar to iPhone's home screen. Where is the partial truth in that?
  And Samsung prefers to show the same screen... when it suits them.  
  Tomi Ahonen is NOT a Nokia 'insider'!   He is a shameless, narcassistic, self promoter with a heavy bias against anything to do with Elop.   PS. Poor form to direct people to his longest, most rambling blog post ever. 
You missed the " 40 million iPhones" figure. That's a lowly 8% rise over last year 's holiday quarter, and would almost certainly result in a loss of market share.Don't worry, Gatorguy is still here.
    Just like he said "PC sales must be really suffering".
  And what are your thoughts on people who join fan sites... to point out that said fans are annoying?
  False premise. Shitty conclusion.
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