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 Please don't bother.
 Compared to what?
 "Unsurprisingly" they didn't!  Verizon 37% of US market AT&T.... 27%.
 Android is not a "device".
 No, Steve's 1% target was the global cellphone market. These figures are US only.
No he didn't. Move on.
http://www.loopinsight.com/2013/08/12/apples-rumored-september-10-iphone-event/     Yep
  Your original post quoted "public interest ramifications" from a Reuters article. You then stated that these public interest concerns.... were, somehow, independent of SEPs.   I simply quoted the FULL sentence from Reuters that states QUITE CLEARLY how the "public interest ramifications" were directly related to SEPs. Here it is again... if you missed it.   From Reuters: "Froman on Saturday said the ITC should thoroughly examine the public interest ramifications of its...
New Posts  All Forums: