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From Reuters: "Froman on Saturday said the ITC should thoroughly examine the public interest ramifications of its rulings in disputes over standard essential patents."So...... Clearly means something entirely different from your interpretation.
  Here's a reminder of the Strategy Analytics numbers.
For god's sake guys... ignore this twat!   There is not one mention of Samsung in the article.... don't let an obvious troll divert the conversation. Do you want to talk about the Kantar figures.... or not.
  You can compare what the hell you want. I simply pointed out that you compared ONE out of THREE possible quarters (where Apple sold 2 distinct iPad models). You chose to ignore the two quarters that showed substantial unit growth.    Your "Nope" reply was untrue. 
  But not selling fewer, over the whole time period since the iPad mini launch. 3 quarters. I make it around 28% increase in sales.   So.... "Yes."
  You seem to be ignoring the 42 million iPads sold in the previous two quarters. (since the iPad mini launch)
Looks like Nokia has a winner, AT&T has sold out of Lumia 920s Yaaay, go Nokia.http://www.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-920-sold-out-att
  http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/   Er, when exactly did "Sony lose the console wars"?
  Obviously to piss off people like you.
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