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  But not selling fewer, over the whole time period since the iPad mini launch. 3 quarters. I make it around 28% increase in sales.   So.... "Yes."
  You seem to be ignoring the 42 million iPads sold in the previous two quarters. (since the iPad mini launch)
Looks like Nokia has a winner, AT&T has sold out of Lumia 920s Yaaay, go Nokia.http://www.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-920-sold-out-att
  http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/   Er, when exactly did "Sony lose the console wars"?
  Obviously to piss off people like you.
  So... what's that got to do with Comscore?
  No. It's completely different. If you're talking about comScore's US mobile phone subscriber stats... they publish those once a month. And have done so for over three years.   On the other hand, a company that no one has heard of, Ace Metrix suddenly publishes details of a poorly scoring Apple commercial... and announce Samsung as a paying client.   I realise that some Apple fans are going nuts over this... but even you must admit it's smells a bit fishy.
Your post is ridiculous.
  You're the one complaining! Why don't you tell us what the tax rate is where you live?   My guess 23%. There you go... there's your $ 200.00.
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