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  post #2   "FWIW - this rivalry is a necessity. Neither Samsung nor Apple would really be motivated to improve, innovate, whatever without good solid threat from each other."   Who the **** are you?
  Well for your sake I hope not. Then you can continue derailing this thread by making a mountain out of a mini. 
  You have been caught out. Get off your fucking high horse of truth.   It exists.
So, are you lying are just not paying attention.   Appleinsider story
About that Bloomberg report of 'falling iPad mini demand'   http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/05/09/apple-ipad-mini-pegatron-bloomberg/
  Apparently you still insist on sidetracking the thread!           No. Your inference is wrong   My original comment was really simple, to anyone paying attention. Apple sold more product in Q1 2013 than a year ago.   If you want to infer something from that... it should be "Why are all these analysts STILL suggesting that sales are dropping?'
  If Apple sold the iPhone 5 for $99 NO contract they could have sold 50 million more?   What's your point, other than aiding and abetting yet another thread derailment?
  So what?   Apple sold 10 million MORE iPhones and iPads in Q1 (YoY)   It's completely irrelevant what Samsung et all sold.
Read it again!
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