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You seem to have forgotten which post I responded to: post #17   "Then why the difference in numbers? Why are iPhones only 55% of the sales on VZW, but almost 70% on AT&T?"   Other people have provided possible reasons for Sprint's figures.         OK. You seem to be getting the picture now. That's a good thing!   Look, I realize that you are getting your panties in a bunch because 3 models of iPhone are posting higher figures, in the US,  than all other brands put...
Why do you find this so hard to understand?     US smartphone ownership passed 50% back in 2012.   Therefore, the majority of smartphone buyers (in Q1 213) are upgrading from.... a previous smartphone.   Probably after a period of around 2 years.   iPhone users tend to buy another iPhone.   Two years ago the majority of AT&T's smartphone users ... had an iPhone. Two years ago the majority of Verizon smartphone owners.... didn't.         Simples!   There are,...
  Upgrade cycle!   iPhone 4S is, still, less than two years old.
  Great! So they ain't a Fornecedor de verdade either.
  Perhaps it's about time that you changed this?   "Fornecedor de verdade"
  Why do people keep coming out with lame arguments like this? Not everyone you see is using a brand new phone   iPhone 5 has only been around for only 6 months. iPhone 4S for nearly 18 months. And the 4 for nearly 3 years!   Even if the iPhone 5 had been selling really well, you should expect to see four, or even five, times as many older iPhones.
  Actually... more like $2 Billion.   Just think about that (Superbass!).... divided by around, what around 650 million, iPhones, iPads, iPads and Macs out there. That's about $3.00 profit per device, per year.   Not the most lucrative business plan. Ask Amazon how it's working out.
  Look, sorry, but your figures are wrong. Very wrong.   That 13 Billion is REVENUE. And it includes rev from the Mac App store plus it includes Apple's own software. iWork, Aperture, Final Cut etc.
  No it isn't.
That should be "mobile SEARCH ad revenue.What's your point? That mobile Bing isn't doing so well?
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