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  So, what you are saying is, it would be better for Apple to NOT plan ahead.   Brilliant!
  Bollocks!   They are selling 50% of the Blackberrys they were selling just a couple of years ago. 4 million subscribers lost in six months.       Check yours! (Not your ass or navel)
  Did you even read the article?
There are some interesting figures in the IDC report. It could have made for an interesting thread.Others have already derailed it with this tired old 'shipments' nonsense .... and then you come up with this!Do you want to talk about the IDC forecast or not?
  Since when has the Mac unit share been HIGHER than it's revenue share?   Who writes this stuff? Who checks it?
Forget the profit margin. Today's entry level iMac starts at $1299.00.Exactly the same price as the original Bondi Blue iMac.Lemon not only lives in another country, but he has created his own little planet.
IDC have clearly not included the iPod Touch in their figures for Apple.
  Well, sorry. but you would be wrong. What do you think that 35% "Other iPhones" slice consists of?   Either iPhone 4 or the 4S probably has the largest N. American user base. Even the 3GS is probably near the top somewhere.. it was sold for over three and a half years.
So... Some future headlines could read: "Nokia stuns with 100% of handset profits" Nokiainsider "Samsung rockets to 500% phone industry profits" Samsunginsider "IPhone stumbles with 20,000% of the mobile pie" Appleinsider I understand the maths. I get the logic... But use a little common sense people.
New Posts  All Forums: