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Psystar is NOT A CONSUMER. Is Apple going after consumers?Fine. I'm just about to release a film based on that book that you wrote. You won't mind will you, 'cos I own the book? You wouldn't recognize a "bigger picture" if it fell on your head.
Did you forget that you have already posted this on page one? Did it also slip your mind that that you just joined this forum.... using another name?
Succinct and polite. Very good. But why are you called 'liposuctionguide'? Why are all your posts titled 'liposuctionguide'? Why do you provide a link to liposuctionguide? A polite spammer is still a spammer.
It's not truer. It's just different. Sure. And a customer could choose a notebook computer or a desktop. Or a sports car or a pickup truck. Is the desktop computer market or the sports car market an artificial construct that isn't worth counting? No? didn't think so.
But it's not really "just a phone" is it? It's a little curious how the major research firms can distinguish between "smart" phones and... just phones, but certain people here cannot. Comparing iPhone to other 'smart' phones is not artificial. That's the market it was designed to compete in. For all the fans of Nokia, or for people who just like 'the big numbers'... you seem to be missing one important point. Apple doesn't sell a 'non-smart' phone.
And that is why people here are disagreeing with you. The conversation is about 'smart' phones but you have taken your argument to it's logical conclusion ...... which is .... that the iPhone is not competing at all well with sales of.... rice!
How many millions will that be hii ? Can you share your thoughts re the percentage you expect to switch to another phone? Thanks
Next time you feel like doing that... could you find a toilet first?
".... we think that competition is great... as long as other companies invent their own stuff." I'm really beginning to like this guy!
Actually what you expected was Is there a particular medical reason that you spout crap all of the time?
New Posts  All Forums: