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If you think we are wrong then explain why, answer some of the points put to you and stop just throwing your rattle out of the pram.PS. Find out the differences between "copyright" and "counterfeit".
Why didn't you just say that the first time instead of all the defensive troll talk?You want "on topic"? OK then. I think... your comment that Apple is wise to reduce their prices as a response to Microsofts's recent ad campaign... stinks! Not sure what kind of marketing you are a professor of. Look if I am wrong about you... well I am sorry for the poor reception. I have been reading this forum for years and I have never seen as many newbies turn up as I have in the...
Why are you being such a bonehead?Did you sell me the movie rights to your book? Or did I just take them? Did you sell me the rights to make and sell little plastic characters from your book? Or did I just take them?You don't appear to even try and understand what people here are trying to tell you?
You mate are in denial! DO YOU STILL NOT GET IT? In my fantasy movie scenario..... I TOOK YOUR STUFF! I took your characters and your badly written plot and your rubbish dialogue and made a blockbuster movie out of them. You could have made millions out of the film rights but it's too late. I've made the film! Yes indeed publishers are salivating over the next book. Unfortunately, for you, they prefer my script to your book so I will be writing it. It's all OK though, cos...
Actually Jess was a wee bit clingy but we are still good friends.
Interesting choice of words. I just get a bit suspicious when someone joins a web forum and posts a comment ... and then joins the same forum under another name and posts exactly the same comment in the same thread. How many other forums have you copy/pasted that comment? Is it all a bit stupid or is it all part of a cunning plan?
It's not MY case, it's Apple's case. No-one is trying to lie to you. You just seem to be fooling yourself. As a CONSUMER do you have the right to buy one copy of Msoft's Vista Ultimate Edition... and install it on 20 computers? Do you have the right to pretend to be a student and buy the Ed version of Office and then use it for your professional work? Companies can control who they sell certain products to... and how certain products can be used. There are always ways...
Psystar is NOT A CONSUMER. Is Apple going after consumers?Fine. I'm just about to release a film based on that book that you wrote. You won't mind will you, 'cos I own the book? You wouldn't recognize a "bigger picture" if it fell on your head.
Did you forget that you have already posted this on page one? Did it also slip your mind that that you just joined this forum.... using another name?
Succinct and polite. Very good. But why are you called 'liposuctionguide'? Why are all your posts titled 'liposuctionguide'? Why do you provide a link to liposuctionguide? A polite spammer is still a spammer.
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