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Of course we all know that Samsung's Marketing differentiation strategy is to be a cheaper copy. The difference is summed up in the claim "Like an iPhone, but cheaper!" They need to be as identical as possible for this to work, but with cheaper prices. Price dumping in other words.
So, Samsung is OK with free speech when they want to ruin someone else's reputation, but not when it's about them? Not just content with stealing Apple's intellectual property, they also seem to have no regard for the truth either. They like to give it but they can't take it. Says a lot about the personalities controlling Samsung.
Corporates buy iPads. Microsoft is King in the Enterprise. Ergo, Office to the enterprise tablet, not the "build it yourself at home for free" hobbyist one.
Of course that's widely known but I'm looking at motivations, not PR explanations. Why degrade a product unless you know a better one is in the wings - more full featured and more profitable too? It's public knowledge that Apple only upgraded iWork to a very usable product when Microsoft were threatening to remove Office from Macs altogether, and as soon as a full featured Office appeared, with Macro functionality, iWork was put on the shelf to gather dust - it's five...
 No worries. I always check my info before posting, saves embarrassment! And there were two sources saying the cut was real: 'nuf said. :-)
Apple will be making more money from selling a year's subscription to Office 365 for Office for iPad than if they sold the whole suite of iWork. Is this why the recently launched new versions of iWork are actually less productive, less capable, and less useful than the old ones?
This is more to do with delaying his move to Apple than anything else as there can be no other advantage to BB; they'll probably lock him in a room with no internet, no computer, no telephones and no colleagues and have him sit there for six months doing nothing just so that Apple can't use his talents. Six months is a long time in IT. Most companies though put people on "Gardening Leave" which means they stay at home but still can't work for the new employer - and...
Well, the only thing that changed was the phone, all other things remained the same so I am pretty sure the difference (which was marked) was due to higher power demands of the iP5 compared to the 3G (Not the 3GS I hasten to add). I can only tell you my experience, your experience will no doubt be different. However, if you went straight from a 3G to a 5 with all other things being the same, even if you never got a week of use from the 3G I would expect the ratio between...
While applauding the creativity behind these ideas, for them to be useful for me they should fix the battery life issue before adding in new ideas that require me to turn on a power hungry feature like Location Services. Whatever happened to the 3G's one week to ten days of battery power? Now I struggle to get to two days... and only then when all the clever new features are switched off!
Not quite, but interesting idea. Selling is persuasion - Marketing is selecting who to persuade, and what to persuade them about.
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