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This is clearly a response to the mobile phone shop salesmen hearing "I want an iPad" and supplying a Scamsung whilst saying "It's cheaper and it works with your fingers, just like an iPad!" Hope this hits the telecons that push Samesungs hard...
I run a Mac server in a business environment with both PCs and Macs running off it and it's really good. Where I wish Apple would concentrate more is on releasing software that isn't so buggy. I'm not going to buy an iPhone 6 until they fix iOS 8.
The missing component in these tests is temperature. The warmer a metal gets, the easier it is to bend. It also expands. The reports I have read from users with phones that bent suggest the phones were kept in the pocket while on a road trip on a sunny day. Not sure if a convertible was used. Whatever, when travelling the phone has to do a lot of work looking for each new radio cell and transmitter which does heat the phone up. If sun was also on the leg of the person,...
Market was down about 1%, Apple down 3.5%. The market is always an average and individual stocks will always fluctuate more than market averages. It's a long haul thing.
So, if it was this quick to fix how come it wasn't caught before release? Whoever is now in charge of iOS development is clearly not getting the most out of his staff soon enough. I'm not saying they should turn into an ogre or anything, but the replacement of a number of senior staff members at Apple with easier to get along with types seems to have also removed the ability to release perfect products and perfect software. Whatever happened to the detail oriented folk...
Ballmer isn't trying to be loyal to his old company; he's trying to say that HIS ideas were the right ideas all the time, it's just everybody else that is wrong. Despite his ideas being so unattractive nobody wanted to buy the product based on them, and despite the fact he lost his job over it, he is still trying to say he's the only one who is right, and is now using his own money to prove it. How do you make a small fortune? Start with a big one and do what Ballmer...
Area has no bearing on bendability; leverage depends on length. Don't believe me? Take a 1" square piece of metal (Total area = 1 sq inch) and another piece of the same metal, 10" long and 1/10th" wide (Total area = 1 sq inch). Try bending them both. Guess which one bends easiest? The long one. Get over this "surface area" thing already. Or go back to Physics 101 and look at leverage and force.
I don't care what they announce so long as my next iPhone has a bigger screen magnification.
I'm not upgrading from the iWork 09 apps until they treat users seriously and give us back the useful features they got rid of. The new apps would be free for me, but I hardly think that's a good reason to swap my current pro level apps for Toytown candy floss.
Is it true that after this ruling Scamsung executives were seen to be dancing around, shouting "Huawei! Huawei! Huawei!"...?
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