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I don't care what they announce so long as my next iPhone has a bigger screen magnification.
I'm not upgrading from the iWork 09 apps until they treat users seriously and give us back the useful features they got rid of. The new apps would be free for me, but I hardly think that's a good reason to swap my current pro level apps for Toytown candy floss.
Is it true that after this ruling Scamsung executives were seen to be dancing around, shouting "Huawei! Huawei! Huawei!"...?
Fisher Price are going to be worried...
Now remind me, which is the company that has had to announce falling profits in the last three quarters? Ah yes, the Galaxy S hit maker... and that's while relying on Apple to provide new ideas for them!
OK, I used the most up to date on my app, but then I work in Finance so I'm a bit picky on details! :-)  To be fair, it isn't the physical work each person does individually that is important on a board, but the connections and influence these people bring - as well as in some cases technical stuff when two companies are forming a partnership to work together as Google and Apple did before Google ripped up the agreement. Politicians don't get to the pinnacle of their craft...
 How do you work that out? 30,000 x 96 = $2.88 million but as you are quoting the 1997 agreement, surely that should equate to 7 x 30,000 x $96 = $20.16 million? Even if you add another 10,000 or 7 x 10,000 shares, I still can't reach your $6m number... am I missing something? What are your workings on this?
Who cares about whether someone is gay or not? I have a few gay clients and they are the nicest guys you could hope to meet. As for Tim, well, it's been public knowledge since before Steve Jobs died. And like I said, who cares? Far more important to stop voting for religious hardliners who are vociferously against gay lifestyles who then get caught in gay encounters after voting for laws against the things they themselves practiced: there should be no hypocrites in...
Old Apple: What Steve Jobs with Steve Wozniak imagined beyond imagination. New Apple: What Tim Cook thought HP turn into be before he left? To be fair to Tim though, this was a path began by Steve Jobs; he's just extending it. The plot does rather remind me of that film, WALL-E, where everything is so dumbed down for people they forget how to even walk. Seriously though, Adobe products are not intuitive in any way. Even Photoshop Elements, supposedly the simplest of...
We use a Dymo Labelwriter in the office and never had a label problem, but sadly it cannot be networked. So we have to have two, one of which is on a PC which everyone has to walk to if they want a label done. It's inefficient but of course means we own two printers where one would do. It seems this Epson label printer suffers from a similar problem.
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