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I'm a bit confused by this article. The headline says DisneyLife online streaming service launched with Apple TV support, but in the body of the article it says it's AirPlay only in SD only. I don't really count that as true support.
I agree. But I was responding the Sumergo's accusation that it was theft to serve up the bandwidth hungry ads in the first place. Greedy, yes. But theft, no.
You chose to visit those websites.
Did anyone else read this superlative strewn review as intentional sarcasm? Read that way it was quite a humorous article. If it was sarcasm free then I can only fear for the sanity of the reviewer. It's a charging dock, not a Silken Favours luxury cushion.
Ok, fair enough.
Whilst I normally enjoy these digs at Samsung, I thought the concensus among reviewers was that the fingerprint scanner technology in their newest models was a vast improvement and on a par with Apple's Touch ID.
Please stop posting photos of George Osbourne. The man is evil and the last thing I want to see is his face when I wake up in the morning.
AI you really deleted that lighthearted bit of fun? Really? Wow, so there's no room for humour. Got it. /sigh
Put the Power button back on the top of the phone please Apple. I'm forever hitting the damn thing when I want to use the volume controls.
I posted a comment in the Gaurdian article's comments section highlighting how discredited Mike Daisey is, and that he has lied - by his own admission. Guess what - it got deleted. Their rules for posting mention you should not post defamatory remarks about the journalists. But I posted facts only. Oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: