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Thanks. Learn something new everyday.(I saw the ¡ but thought it was a typo)
That statement is so very wrong I don't even know where to start! Here's a start: Ebola; North Korea; Immigration policies; CO2 emissions/green policies in general (or lack of); Cross border crime; state funded terrorism; government sanctioned espionage; human rights abuses; drug/people smuggling; child abduction; mistreatment of animals...and on and on and on... All these things and many more affect people in countries close to the offending country, and people in...
To do so would be pointless and a waste of time. Apple have dropped the ball and that's all I wish to say on the matter.
There is plenty.
I think you just demonstrated you are of equal temperament. Chill. He was pointing out the illogicality of the previous guy's post with a witty comparison - funny because it is so extreme (I laughed). If we can't laugh at dark things like desease and death then I think we will have lost part of our humanity. It's a coping mechanism. Some things in life are so awful that a little humour makes them less horrific and scary. The media goes out of their way to scaremonger about...
You're visiting an Apple rumour site criticizing others for speculating on rumours? lol
In addition to the painfully slow load time for the images, I'm seeing 2 hyphens and a question mark --? scattered throughout the article. That doesn't seem right.
This is the first time I heard about it.
Okaaay, How is this any better or any worse than (PRODUCT)Red? https://www.apple.com/uk/product-red/ Both Apple and Samsung have jumped on the charity bandwagon. Apple may have the talent to make their charity tie-ins more tasteful than Samsung, but let's not fool ourselves here: both are playing the same game. Both are pushing their products for profit under the guise of altruism. No matter how tasteless this ad seems, I think, in the end you have to ask: Is the end...
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