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Did you hear the recent This Week in Tech podcast? Leo Laporte said "if aliens ever visited Earth and you showed them an iPhone and an high-end Android phone they would say that the Android phone is clearly superior". He also said that the "iPhone is so constipated it's unbelievable!". I think he's referring to the restricted customisation options for the home screen. The fact that an iPhone is stuck with a grid of icons that cannot be populated with widgets, and other...
Oh look, you answered your own question. I do not, but "anyone else" is a pretty big slice of the world so I'd say they may well do. What I do know is that this issue boils down to money, not complexity. There is no financial gain to diverting resources to fixing Mavericks or older builds and, therefore they will not do it. I refuse to believe it cannot be done. I say this purely on the pedigree of programming excellence that this company has earned over many decades, and...
Ahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Please tell me you are joking or just bating us to reply?And you went and used the riduculously weak and limp phrase that has been used to death by the ignorant creationist crowd who have burried their heads so far into the sand that Australians are saying "Good-day cobba!"You do realise (obviously you don't but...) that a theory is the highest merit of any scientific hypothosis. It cannot gain any more credence in the...
I call BS on a fix for pre-Yoseshite versions being too complex to patch. We're talking about a company who built the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad, so much amazing software, with more money and resources than any company in the history of the world. And they're unable to provide a patch to hundreds of thousands of loyal users just because it's a little complex?! What a crock of s***! I've stuck with you since1997 but now you decide you can't be assed to help us. There are a...
Great. So let's see what my options are: 1) Upgrade to Yoseshite and lose functionality of some critical, but ageing, 3rd party software. Or 2) Risk getting hacked by some spotty pubescent teenager Hmmmm... Maybe I will just have to return to the mindset of the late 90s early 2000s and disconnect my Mac from the net to continue to use it without a hitch.
OMG, that's terrible news. How on Earth are people going to cope without an Apple Watch for up to six long weeks? I mean, I can imagine waiting on delivery of a smartphone or laptop is bad enough - but a smartwatch? It's so integral to people's lives that I fear the whole world may come crashing down around our ears.(Too much /s?)
I did, and they have been for a long time. I think maybe you mean available to purchase as a digital download.
Ummmm...DVD and Blu-Ray are digital formats.
And so the most milked franchise in history gets milked even more. Fans who already own these on previous digital formats would be crazy to buy these versions.
Is this a some sort of joke or early April Fools prank? I'd be surprised if there's anyone on God's green Earth that would trust Facebook with a money transfer!
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