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Erm...no lolWhy are you wasting time fighting me over this inconsequential matter? Go fight a Fandroid...
Otherwise known as making $h1t up.
Don't make so many assumptions about people you know nothing about. I hate Android. I'm just pointing out that Apple isn't always so tasteful when it comes to decisions about colour or design. But yes, a logo is more prevalent and pervasive than an ad.
Doubtful, since Sammy will just fire up their photocopiers...
I thought this fact was already known and established months ago?
We use commas in the UK. I hate seeing dots/periods too in those instances!
It's not obvious to non US citizens when the day portion is 12 or lower. I've lost count of the number of times I'm left scratching my head over what the actual date is. This isn't just an Apple problem, but there are apps, Apple apps, that are not following the date convention of the country that the you have set the device to - so it should know. I'm in the UK and the Notes app on the iPhone dates all the notes using the US format. Very confusing and annoying.
$900? 900 U.S. dollars for that? That's - a bit steep.
Fair enough. I retract my assertion against the above named forum member.
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