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Wow really? I own quite a few of their plugins and use them as VST versions in Cubase. I've been using their stuff for over 10 years. I think all their plugins are highly original and add lots of character to my music. So this news isn't good for me since it means they will likely no longer produce the VST versions. I'm a bit disappointed by this news.
There...FTFY...well it is 2015 after all!
Following Apple's record earnings call, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail published an article today posing the question: Is Apple an Evil Tax Avoider or a Force for Good? Attempting to appear unbiased and fair (readers will know how rarely these words can be used in relation to the newspaper) they decided to give a for and against summary from two opposing views about the company. To me, it just reads like they hadn't got a clue what they were talking about. Even the Apple...
 Excellent article.But why the question mark at the end of the first sentence? Is there some doubt as to whether they actually did report their biggest quarter?
That opening sentence doesn't scan too well. Perhaps...?"On Wednesday, Facebook debuted a new iOS application called Work. Initially a limited release, it allows employers to let their workers connect and communicate with one another."
http://www.fooldns.com/fooldns-community/english-version/The ad blocking with FoolDNS works great for me. It is only on WiFi unfortunately but then most people use their iPads at home anyway.
Then you are no better than they are.
That's the exact opposite of what Leo Laporte said on his radio show recently!
While not directly related, I'm surprised this news item didn't mention the Christmas Day Sony PSN and Microsoft Xbox Live hacks which meant millions of gamers could not use their consoles on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
I think digitalclips was being sarcastic. lol
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