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This thread makes me laugh. You really think normal non-techy people know or care about these patent battles? They don't. Even if they did know about them they wouldn't give two hoots if Samsung copies Apple, or if anyone copied anyone. All they care about is getting a cool device that meets their needs. This is true for the vast majority of the Smartphone marketplace. Only a small segment of tech nerds care about this stuff. You guys talking about this patent war having...
I welcome the patch for Safari on Mavericks and ML in addition to Yosemite. However, given the fact that they aren't going to fix the Rootpipe vulnerability on pre 10.10.3 builds, it does seem a bit like sticking an elastoplast on a small flesh wound, while ignoring a deep festering gash in your torso.
That word you just used, "colored", is not something that is acceptable nowadays to talk about people with non-white skin tones. Many people find it offensive.
My life is now complete. /s
Oh ok. Fair enough. I did not know that.
As Photodenk says, they should have had backup hard copy flight documents at the airport. Seems like an obvious oversight.
The Casio ones from the 80s were the dog's bollox! Mine lasted many years on the same battery before it died. I do believe Marty McFly and Doc Brown wore them too in the Back to the Future trilogies. It's funny - even though they went forwards in time to this year in the second movie, there's not a single Apple Watch to be seen. Plenty of in-car fax machines though! Haha
OT: The headline image of the old Apple logo makes me wish they would bring it back in the next OS X release. I think it would look amazing on a retina screen.
Safari - no big deal
Did you hear the recent This Week in Tech podcast? Leo Laporte said "if aliens ever visited Earth and you showed them an iPhone and an high-end Android phone they would say that the Android phone is clearly superior". He also said that the "iPhone is so constipated it's unbelievable!". I think he's referring to the restricted customisation options for the home screen. The fact that an iPhone is stuck with a grid of icons that cannot be populated with widgets, and other...
New Posts  All Forums: