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I'm so confused. It seems this was originally published on 9th August right? So why is is back on the main page again masquerading as a new article? I couldn't work out why people kept saying it was part of the beta when it's in the main iOS 9 release. To be honest, I'm surprised it needed to be published the first time, let alone again.
Who or what is Giggle?I'm guessing you're having a pop at Google? It's not really working - it's just distracting from what you're trying to say...not giving me any giggles anyway.
That's strange. I've had the new Youtube app for a few weeks now. Can't remember exactly when it auto downloaded to my phone, but certainly a while before the new iPhones came out as its on my iPhone 6. I wonder if it's being deployed staggered across different countries (I'm in the UK)? I remember thinking at the time it was much harder to navigate and the UI was/is confusing and ugly.
That's exactly what I thought when I read the first paragraph. It distracted me so much I couldn't read the rest of the review until I'd worked out what they meant. If they had screened it then surely their name/logo would be on the screen in the photograph above, but I looked and it isn't there. Then I thought, how on earth could such a small company arrange this screening with all these A-Listers?I came to the conclusion that it must be a poorly worded, as johnnyb0731...
Yes, afterall, they need to make it look pretty before they improve the accuracy and coverage.
Read it again. You've got it backwards.
Anyone who has stolen music has no right to criticise ad blockers. And I think it's safe to say the vast majority of the publishers whining about this have done, and currently do just that. Hypocrites. Of course my evidence is non existent, but statistically this must be true. I'm a composer and I rely on people paying for music to survive. It angers me that publishers are up in arms about ad blocking, yet think it fine to steal other online content. Not to mention...
Yeah, it's gonna be like Thor's hammer trying to lift that thing! My poor arms.
I thought the Burberry brand had been hijacked by chavs and was therefore no longer considered high fashion; quite the contrary in fact. This could be a uniquely British phenomenon however...
Wacom's product line is multifaceted and multi-platform. So I'm not sure your prediction will be realised.
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