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Post history only shows you what they have previously posted and may give you an incite into their motivations or any hidden agenda, I grant you. Still, dismissing an opinion entirely due to post history is rather unfair, since they may be genuine. If it is negative, then that doesn't mean they are always against Apple. I am an Apple fan, but still have negative opinions about some of their decisions. That's as it should be. Otherwise you may be guilty of fanboyism.
What does any of that have to do with the validity of his point or his right to express his opinion? It seems to me his opinion may differ with yours and his post history is all you could find to throw at him. A pretty weak stance, and no defence of your own point - if you even had one.NEXT
I agree. Is it because it's a...monstrosity?!
Haha!There are cracks showing, but I will try.Actually, I'm in two minds about this product. Part of me can see the utility to a small subset of Apple Watch wearers. Another part of me looks at it and reacts with repulsion since it just turns the watch into a cheap tacky looking monstrosity. But, I suppose if I were swimming it would matter less what it looked like.P.S. Just realised someone has the username monstrosity - maybe that's why I used the word!
That's funny, 'cause I recently fell into an industrial meat grinder at work. The watch is in pieces, and I'm pretty cut up about it too to be honest.
Oh my - a rejected mixtape that you've put a lot of thought and effort into creating - that's got to sting a little!
Erm...no lolWhy are you wasting time fighting me over this inconsequential matter? Go fight a Fandroid...
Otherwise known as making $h1t up.
Don't make so many assumptions about people you know nothing about. I hate Android. I'm just pointing out that Apple isn't always so tasteful when it comes to decisions about colour or design. But yes, a logo is more prevalent and pervasive than an ad.
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