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No problems here on my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3
unRadio? Why has it got such a terrible name?
Firstly, racial hatred can and does lead to murder and violence etc.And secondly, should society only concentrate on the worst of human behaviour before we tackle, for want of a better word, lesser crimes? Of course not.
Fortune was not a significant factor, carelessness was.You can't possibly know that.I guess that makes it all ok then.
The only possible reply to this unquestionable logic is WTF?! O.O
Too bad this Samsung health $h!t wasn't available before those cancer deaths of their factory workers - it would have saved them for sure.
If you're an atheist? What a very bizarre last sentence you've made there. What on Earth does a disbelief in any proposed god have to do with being immoral? There are exceptionally valid arguments that atheism is a morally superior position to take than any other theistic belief - especially those based on the Christian God and the morally repugnant statements in the bible.
 Google Glass?
What if you.just.don't.get.it?I think this a remarkably beautiful design for a smart-watch. I believe the key to developing a popular design is to make it either look very similar to the most prevalent watch form factor, which is round, or make it radically different - such as curving around the wrist.Providing the battery life is at least 3 days on a single charge, I think these will be very popular with geeks and non-geeks alike.
 Unfunny and tasteless.
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