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well, just like the title says, its not working at all. it tells me to reinstall, but does nothing? any know what to do?
i used my iMac's iSight.
I will post it on eBay tomorrow should noone else be interested. It inculdes all softwares cds such as (Mac OSX, Airport, etc), all booklets, the original packaging box, all wires, everything you get when you buy it, and more.
i was waiting to hear that, i dont have liscences for most, and they can be put onto disks should they to be.. i know its not kosher, but thats why i offered a wipe.
lol, i didnt mean to, the battery came unscrewed somehow and dropped. i didnt drop it much though, i was kneeling on the ground to get it out of its bag, so maybe two feet.. you gotta fall to pick urself up..
its what, 1 am, just got home from work. what kind of graphic designer works this late?
more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33064653@N00/131111594/
Its an iBook G4, bought in December of 2004. Its in very good condition, I treated it like my second child; the battery has a small dent where I dropped it accidentally. It has a motherlode of professional and average user software installed on it shoud you want it. It runs the latest version of Tiger, software includes: Adobe Creative Suite CS2, Macromedia Suite 8, Corel Painter 9, Final Cut Pro HD, Turbotax Deluxe 2005, Logic Express, iLife '06, iWork '05, Adobe...
I downloaded a bunch of episodes, and after watching a few, I found myself downloading every available episode online.. Its an addicting show.. I recommend it, but what I really want to know is why is it so addicting? Also, check out Aqua Teen Hunger Force, great show which I'm also addicted to, and I never watch tv really, so these things are rare...
after i charge my ipod, from any computer, mainly my imac core duo, i cant shut off my ipod. i choose the "sleep" option; nothing. i try holding down pause; nothing. resetting does nothing as well.. so i gotta let it play for a few songs before i shut it off.. its a video ipod, 60gig. anyone know what to do?
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