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To be more precise 4K is a digital cinema format that depends on the film aspect ratio, e.g.: 3,996 x 2,160 for 1.85:1 (standard widescreen) or 4,096 x 1,714 for 2.39:1 (anamorphic Panavision). Meanwhile, Intel, at their 2011 developer's conference, presented a PowerPoint slide showing a 4,096 x 2,304 resolution display: i.e. a standard 16:9 display ratio. It is possible that the Ivy Bridge GPU will in theory drive a square 4,096 x 4,096 display.
$19.95 for a year's weekly subscription to the New Yorker is more than fair and it will sell like hotcakes. Even to those currently with a print subscription if they charge extra for it. The fact that they were able to consistently sell a modest number of weekly copies at $4.99 including to those with current print subscriptions points to the demographics of their readership. And the very high proportion, I'm sure, owning iPads. But few companies in history have so...
Andy Lark, a VP at Dell Said the iPad can't possibly sell With the cost of it's mouse More than a house It can't possibly sell very well On the other hand look at our Streak Its so small and impossibly sleek With it's sales off the chart Dell is doing it's part To put Jobs out of a job, so to speak This just in:*Andy Lark, head of global marketing, announces he is leaving Dell for a career in standup comedy. *"I seem to have a real talent for making people laugh" said Lark.
So true! We were recently romanced by Gartner: totally 'pay to play'. Probably IDC too. Welcome to America!
So much for value investing. No change in the company's long term prospects, only the market's short term expectations.
Most interesting to me is that as usual after their blow out quarterly reports, Apple's stock has again plummeted - over 6% in after hours trading so far! Anyone in the financial community care to explain why?
The Eastern District of Texas is a thick brew of good ol' boy plaintiffs' lawyers, elected judges (who rely on them to finance their reelection at the very least) and plaintiff pleasing jurors. Even if Apple can show that Americans for Fair Patent Use was established a week before the lawsuit by the lawyer's wife and the judge's niece.....doesn't mean the case won't go against Apple. At $500 per item x iPods sold, one is talking many tens of billions of dollars - a...
Precisely! Which suggests that analyst Wu, no doubt being paid a pretty penny for his insights, is missing the point entirely when he says (assuming he was not misquoted) that his concern, however, is that the new touch models are not priced aggressively enough for today's consumers, who may see more value in a $199 subsidized iPhone. What concern? Apple is laughing all the way to the bank either way, as they should be.
Truly excellent,insightful and thorough report, Prince! Thank you.
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