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No OpenGL 2.0? I thought that'd made the cut. Nuts. Anyone know a ballpark release date?
No. If they worked in PCIe slots, then they'd be PCIe cards.
It looks messed up because IE doesn't follow the spec. You can either tweak your website so that it's written in IE code instead of HTML code, tell people to use something else, or ignore it and hope that nobody notices. Pretty cool looking software, BTW. If I was still taking physics classes, I'd be all over it.
No, it's got two channels that can be either line or mic, not two of each.
I did a quick search over at Musician's Friend and found this and this, both of which are a bit more that $150, and both of which would require you to use your existing pre-amp. I haven't used either of them, but they both have reasonably good reviews. BTW, Garage Band '04 can only record one channel at a time. Aside from Audacity, Garage Band '05 is the cheapest multitrack recording software that I know of. Also, be sure that whatever you get supports recording from all...
That's one of the most fucked up things I've ever read. I think that's more along the lines of just being stupid. Computer accelerated his search for victims, but nobody did anything that really qualifies as a "stupid thing to do on a computer".
If you get that, you'll need a pre-amp. Four of them, or at least four channels' worth. I don't think that will work with Garage Band though, because it doesn't claim to have Core Audio drivers. Also, I'd be very suspicious of anything that claims to be pro-level gear but only offers RCA jacks for the analog stuff.
Yeah, there should be a test to owning computers, or at least for getting online. Kinda like how we have tests for owning guns. Except that so far nobody's actually died from someone being stupid on a computer. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time though.
It's plugged into a powerstrip, right?
Apple sells such a device in their stores. It's called the MobilePre USB and it's made by M-Audio. 2 XLR inputs.
New Posts  All Forums: