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When I first heard about "Saved", I figured it would suck big green hairy donkey balls, like most other religiously themed movies (at least the ones I've seen). But now I'm hearing (from more than just you) that it was pretty good, so I've moved it from my "to be avoided at all costs" list to my "I should probably watch" list.
I used to have a friend back in high school who did that. Her brother did too. According to her parents, if she and her brother both fell asleep in the same room, they'd have conversations with each other in their sleep.
I thought all of ID's software used OpenGL. Did they change over to DirectX?
I'm not sure that list is as outdated as you think it is. There was a phone that I was sure would work (Nokia 6620), but doesn't.
Yep, that would work too, as long as the command has a recursive option. Good idea.
Ah yes, the captain with the best tits. Of course that's only because she's the only captain who's, well, a she. Ok, I'll go back to my corner and be quiet now.
I used diff when I had that problem. It took awhile (maybe 30-45 min), but you can do other stuff while it's thinking about it.
What's so weird about that? It makes perfect sense to me.
Don't ask me about Toast right now. I'm backing up data for a client right now cause Roxio's tech support can't get Toast to burn DVDs on his internal burner.
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