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The iMacs come with their own hard drives. What do you need another one for? Unless of course you've already got enough data to fill up the internal drive. Edit: I just reread your post... You're planning on putting this drive inside your iMac? Not gonna happen. There's only one drive bay in there. You could take out the iMac's drive and replace it with the one you just bought, but why not get an external enclosure so that you can use both drives?
It doesn't take an IQ of 200 to understand that if something blocks a signal which is required for a certain device to work, and said device still works with that signal "blocked", then the blocker must not be doing anything. And really, I don't care if the general public can understand EM waves. What I *do* care about is that fact that the general public doesn't care. Stupid willfully ignorant mass public...
Millions?!? How? It's so obviously a scam. I'm dumfounded at the stupidity of the mass public.
Milk \
My power company seems pretty good. How long of an extension cord do you need?
What if I want a freaking fast RAID setup? Those puppies can max out several PCI busses at once.
Works for me.
If you're inquiring about getting a student discount, you don't need to be a member of ADC to get it. There may be some other advantage, but if there is I don't know about it.
No kidding. I boot off an external hard drive. In fact, right now it's my *only* drive. For some inexplicable reason, a complete external drive enclosure is less than 1/3 the cost of a simple Mac IDE card ( ), so I went that route when I needed a new drive and the 160GB drives were on sale. Now I've gotta worry about having an unusable computer if I update my OS. This is a PC kind of problem, and us Mac users shouldn't have to deal with it.
$300 rebate towards an iMac/PowerMac with purchase of any iPod?
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