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I'm sure they eventually will, but I don't know if they do now. Check ebay.
In that example you would be killing someone through inaction. In abortion, it's through a rather deliberate action. Edit: Further more, you aren't required to care for your child after it's born. See, there's this thing called "adoption", and it lets you give your kid to somebody else, thus absolving you of the responsibility of raising said kid.
I think it's kinda funny that few people, if any*, bother to try to refute the pro-life argument that abortion is murder. They just keep on about a woman's right to control her own body. Well I think that a woman has a right to control her body too; I just think her kid's right to live is more important. That's the whole issue for me. If someone were to come up with an artificial uterus so that the baby could continue to grow and live outside of his/her mother, I'd be...
At least on my computer, the stickies info is stored in ~/Library/StickiesDatabase. So I would do a search for such a file and see what you can't find.
Sure. I don't like it.
Have they released new figures? Last I heard he'd won by 3.6 million.
I predict that it's too close to call right now and we won't really have a clue until the exit polls start getting released.
Radio Shack might have what you're looking for. Maybe. Tell them you need a an active line splitter or something like that.
One of the best musicians I know said that he really liked a song that I wrote.
That's not a bad idea at all. If I was in the market for a PowerBook, I'd give your idea some serious consideration.
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