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You should be able to get an adaptor that will let you plug a Firewire 800 device into a Firewire 400 port. I believe such adaptors sometimes (often?) take the form of the entire cable. In any case, be sure that I'm right about that before buying your drive.
Sorta. You need to get an adapter. Or a Firewire 800 card. The first option is cheaper, but the second option is probably faster.
No. PCI is 512 MBps (with a big "B") vs Firewire's 400 Mbps (with a little "b"). There's a big difference there. Big "B"s mean "Bytes" whereas little "b"s mean "bits". Firewire has a bandwidth of 50MBps (with a big "B"), which is a little less than 10% of PCI's bandwidth.
Unless you aren't trying to format your boot disk, in which case Disk Utility will work fine.
I'd go with the Pod XT.
I don't know if the FSB is double or quad pumped, but I do know that each CPU gets its own bus. So instead of 250MHz*2 for each CPU, it'd be 250MHz*4 (or 500MHz*2) for a total of 2000MHz.
If you want to be able to use that 30" LCD that Apple's selling, you need to get the 6800. Right now, that's the only Mac graphics card that can drive it.
You are correct on both counts
You use the whole rind from your citrus?!? Not just the zest?? Sounds good though
Have you turned on Windows File Sharing on the Mac?
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