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On more than one occasion I've had to buy SCSI drives specifically because the were external.
Thing I don't like about that one is that sometimes -- just often enough to be annoying -- I'll try to flick the cursor across the screen and instead end up flicking the ball across the room. But I've only used one of them, so it might just be that that one's messed up.
Format it as a PC disk, and it should work on both computers. I think it has to be FAT32 or FAT16 for this to work though. On the other hand, NTFS support might maybe be in OS X now; it's been awhile since I've checked.
If there had been something in her contract about not eating pork, the company might, maybe, kinda, sorta have a leg to stand on. As best as I can tell, there's no way that company will win.
It looks like it definitely has potential to be super cool, but I'd have to actually play with one to find out.
Or if one thread (which for some reason can't be quit) goes haywire and starts sucking up cycles, the computer still stays responsive. I've got first hand knowledge of this one \
Multi-channel Audio can utilize as many processors are there are channels and then some. One CPU for the OS, one for the app, and one for each channel.
Oh that's genius!
If I can tell it's CG, it's bad CG. Thus the particular scene to which you refer is indeed bad CG (as was the horse mounting bit in the Two Towers), but most of the CG in the Lord of the Rings was excellent.
You need IDE, not SATA. I'm not sure if there's a limit on the size or not. Officially, nothing above 128GB is supported, but Apple changed controllers part way through their run, so it depends on which one you've got. It won't hurt anything to use a drive bigger than the 128GB limit, you just won't be able to use more that 128GB of it. Get your drive from Best Buy or some other place with a good return policy and find out.
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